Downloads from 4oD

  pj123 17:23 17 Jun 2008

I download and watch some TV programmes that I missed.

That works fine, but I sometimes would like to save the programme to a DVD to keep.

If I recorded the programme to VHS as it was being broadcast I would be able to transfer to a DVD no problem.

I don't seem to be able to do that with these programmes downloaded from 4oD.

  brundle 21:02 17 Jun 2008

That's because they have DRM to prevent people keeping them forever. click here

  pj123 11:48 18 Jun 2008

brundle, thanks for that. I guess if I had recorded it off air on to a VHS tape it would be analogue and therefore, not subject to DRM.

  pj123 11:56 18 Jun 2008

Should also have said that I download music CDs and single tracks from Tesco.

They have DRM protection but Tesco allow me to make up to 3 copies and also if I lose a file I can download it again.

  Covergirl 12:26 18 Jun 2008

I downloaded a TV program from there intending to put it onto my Samsung but it was protected in some way and won't let me convert it to a Samsung format. Won't let me copy it to DVD either.

You could record the programs digitally, ie through a PVR with a HDD and then copy to DVD - I've NEVER had a problem with doing that on any program any channel.

I think you'll have to regress to your old ways of recording stuff you want to watch again and again.

  crosstrainer 12:32 18 Jun 2008

Buy a PVR, I recommend the Liteon, have had mine for a few years now, it records everything to hdd, then eats any kind of media DVDR CD DVDRW + or - etc.

You can choose what to keep and what to bin.

Mine is an older model without built in freeview, but the newer ones have this installed.

I just connect mine to my TV which has the freeview built in, and record from there.

click here

One at the top is mine, newer models available :)

  pj123 15:24 18 Jun 2008

I added this response some time ago but it doesn't seem to show up!

crosstrainer, I have a Toshiba DVD recorder with 160gb hard disc and also a VHS Video recorder.

Unfortunately, I can't watch TV 24 hours so I miss a few programmes that I would like to watch.

I do a catch up on 4oD, but of course, had I recorded them at the time of the broadcast I could have them on HDD, DVD or VHS.

  rdave13 16:40 18 Jun 2008

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