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  jonnyg111 13:50 04 Nov 2006

A friend has just sent me this:

As it stands, on a Mac at any rate, you can simply download the whole site intact to your HD in five seconds flat and you have the whole thing up and running off-line for nothing.

Is it possible to download an entire website in this way using windows?

  De Marcus™ 14:33 04 Nov 2006

Yes, but the time it takes is dependent on the size of the website, it also places a strain on the website to be copied and uses bandwidth.

click here

  jonnyg111 15:57 04 Nov 2006

So how do you do it? Or are you saying that you shouldn't try to do it? Are Macs superior to pcs in this respect? I am not thinking of huge or complicated websites here, just a lot of html files and gifs.

  Griffon 21:33 15 Nov 2006

Why would you want to do this?

  jonnyg111 22:26 15 Nov 2006

I suppose you would have almost an ebook of the site, in case you wnated to access the material when offline, or to guard against the website disappearing or being heavily edited.

  jonnyg111 19:41 17 Nov 2006

Sorry I haven't given you the full picture. I have built a simple website at click here I have converted this into a .exe ebook using Activ Ebook compiler. My friend says that he has a mac and .exe files won't run on a mac. He also says he can download my site onto his mac in a couple of minutes, thus making my .exe ebook rather superfluous. Indeed, I have watched him doing this - the mac has a 'download website' command. I wonder whether or not this trick is possible swiftly on a pc.

  De Marcus™ 19:54 17 Nov 2006

I would rather think that your ebook be better published as a PDF, you could use a free pdf printer and upload the finished article to your website for download by both mac and pc.

  jonnyg111 20:01 17 Nov 2006

I hope to make my book available as both a .exe file and a pdf file. The source files for a .exe ebook are simple, just html and gifs (which I have already). Converting html to pdf on a mac is easy (just 'save as pdf') but is there a simple and cheap way to do this on a pc? I have heard that software to create pdfs is expensive for a pc. There is then the problem of converting these pdfs into an ebook.

  De Marcus™ 20:06 17 Nov 2006

You can use a freely available pdf printer such as primo pdf.

Personally, I wouldn't touch an .exe file from a site such as yours (no offence intended) but a pdf I'd have no problem with downloading.

  jonnyg111 20:36 17 Nov 2006

I guess it depends how much you know about me! My site was written as part of a Gatsby Teacher Fellowship 2005-6 and thus the site is supported by Lord Sainsbury's Gatsby Foundation. I wouldn't write off "a site such as yours" before even visiting it, De Marcus.

  De Marcus™ 21:27 17 Nov 2006

Hmm, it seems you did take offence despite my intentions.

It makes no difference how much I know about you, the internet is for the best part anonymous. The majority of 'fairly' savvy web surfers know that .exe 's can be potentially dangerous and where there's a pdf alternative, it'll be chosen time and time again over the exe.

Think about it for a second, why on earth would anyone want to install something when they can simply download a document, view it, save or delete it, rather than going through an add/remove possible restart procedure?

I wasn't having a pop as you seem to have taken it (possibly a wrong choice of words on my behalf) but I think a pdf version of your content would serve your visitors much better. I

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