Downloading videos and music

  esroh 11:19 12 Feb 2003

I may sound a little dim but I am quite new to all this!! Could anyone tell me how I download music/videos and what hardware/software I need?? I believe that if I have a normal dial up connection that it will take forever? Also what is an MP3 and how do I know if I my computer can read this? I have media player,turtle beach sound card,DVD R/RW ?? Any help would be much appreciated.

Many thanks

  MAJ 11:24 12 Feb 2003

Downloading copyrighted music and videos is illegal and on 56K downloading a video takes a long time. MP3 is a compressed file format for audio files (music) and your computer will be able to play them.

  Terrahawk 11:33 12 Feb 2003

go to the shops and buy your dvd's it will be legal and probably work out cheaper than downloading on 56k modem

  Ben Avery (Work) 11:56 12 Feb 2003

Mp3's will play in Windows Media Player but will take ages to download on a 56k modem. Certain artist's will give you the option to download their music but these are few and far between (mostly punk bands and the like). Any that don't allow it from their official websites are likely to be illegal and so it would be an infringement on the artist's royalties for yu to do so. As a musician myself, I can only say that to download illegal music is very unfair as the artist works hard for the royalties they rightly deserve.

Would you like it if you went and did a job for someone but didn't get paid?

That's what downloading illegal music does to artists, the record company takes most of the original cash due to the large amount of money owed them by the artist, they start to make their money on royalties from SALES not dowloads.

Be fair...Buy

Had my say now...


  Ricewind 12:43 12 Feb 2003

I don't think esroh came here for an earbashing on theft people! He didn't say he wasn't going to pay for the privilage, so why assume?

There are plenty of "legal" downloads available by subscription and sites such as click here will allow downloading of some free material as a taster and all perfectly legal. Try here as well click here

Not to mention the sites dedicated to unsigned bands, which allow free downloads, again LEGAL!

On a 56k dial-up an Mp3 file will probably take about 10 minutes to download, depending on size of course. Broadband is definitely preferable!

The internet is loaded with "legal" music, listening to these guys, perhaps we'd be better living in a cave.

  Theonewhowatchesoveryou 12:53 12 Feb 2003

well said ricwind,

so many times when someone posts questions like this it is assumed that they are out to do "dodgy stuff", I can understand when it is about the likes of kazza etc but the internet is full of sites offering free movie clips and music. not once in esroh's post was copyrighted material mentioned but 3 fellows members have decided to lecture on the legalities etc. what ever happened to asking an innocent question??? as esroh has said he is new to this, and I suspect the replys may well turn him away from what is an excellent site in the future. People do not come here to be preached to, they come for advice and help!

  Ricewind 12:57 12 Feb 2003

Thanks Theonewhowatchesoveryou, hopefully he hasn't left already.

  Switcher 12:58 12 Feb 2003

Well said Ricewind.

People come for advice not lectures on morals

  MAJ 13:04 12 Feb 2003

Where in my post did I do any preaching??

  Cordy13 13:06 12 Feb 2003

Why do the "Diehards" ALWAYS assume that some questions, especially those from newbies, must be answered with a diatribe on theft, illegality and generally distasteful remarks?

  Ben Avery (Work) 13:25 12 Feb 2003

I did make a proviso for "official websites" which includes incidentally the sites set up for unsigned bands (as I also said many of these are punk bands as a side point! - why they don't get signed I couldn't hazard to guess!!!)

I hope I've not offended anyone but as a musician I can really appreciate what it is like when people steal royalties, I've seen many good bands drilled into the ground by such like things.

Esroh, I hope you don't feel I was getting at you especially, I wasn't, I just know that with a posting like this, many poeple will have a gander to see what it said and valid points like mine (while not intended at anyone in particular) need to be reminded occasionally.

What I wonder is why so many of you get "hot under the collar" about making a point on legalities, unless you have something to hide of course?...

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