Radiofan 22:15 28 Sep 2004

I've posted this before but no-one came up with a solution, so I'll have another go! I suddenly find that I cannot download video clips. I am running AOL Broadband Gold which, as I understand it, does not have a download limit. Lately, when I have right-clicked on Save Target As... the downloading window comes up, I select the folder for it to go to but nothing happens. It just stays at some figure like 75.3MB for ever. Also, trying to play video clips off a site is also mostly impossible as they usually don't load into Real Player at all. Pay per view video, however, is OK. Any ideas?

  Valvegrid 23:06 28 Sep 2004

Have you tried downloading using IE? If you reduce the AOL window and open IE and try downloading using that instead, sorry I can't think of anything else at the moment.

One other question, have you ever been able to download them? If this has suddenly started happening, have you installed any other program that may have caused this to happen.

  mjojo 23:28 28 Sep 2004

Also AOL BB gold. Had no download problems or limits. Find creating a seperate download folder from the AOL default an advantage, and more reliable. For streaming don't use the default AOL media player where possible. Go to keyword 'multimedia preferences' and deselect the media player. There are many issues with real player, it is unstable on my system.

Best of all get this: click here. It has a good download manager, tabbed browsing. AOL works well for me in many ways, but firefox is my main browser of choice. I use WMP v9 as my player, and have few problems. There is this: click here as a Real alternative. Not tried it though. AOL insists on Real, and will reinstall it if you delete it. (one of the types of reasons some people dislike AOL!) I use Real when there is no other option.

click here
to see how to reconfigure Real. I keep the basic version, and won't upgrade. Real One Player caused havoc on my system. Don't know anything about pay per view stuff. Not my department. I only do free!

  mjojo 23:36 28 Sep 2004

You could also try reassociating the file types to Windows media player, when you have deselected AOL media player/Real as the default.

start/programs/Windows media player/tools/options/file types/select all. any boxes that are shaded grey are associated with more than one program deselect them and reselect so they are not shaded, then click OK. Hope this works/is of help. Have you contacted the helpline?

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