downloading & uploading torrents

  wams 10:21 06 Mar 2007

Why does it take so long?

I have downloaded 826 Mb but the upload has exceeded that amount which is 1.34Gb and still increasing.

Is this normal when should it end and whats my next step

  terryf 10:31 06 Mar 2007

It all depends on what your ISP allows (called throttling) and also how many people are available to upload to you (these are seeds and peers) and what upload speed they have set. For example I have limited my total upload speed using Azureus to 22k because that gives me the max download speed. If I am uploading several 'torrents', this 22k is spread between them, I have just downloaded an item that took about 36 hours in total. You must allow uploads to equal or exceed your downloads otherwise you become what is known as a leecher, and these can be banned from torrent sites because records are kept of your download/upload total ratio. The reciprocal uploading is just returning the favour to the people who download to you, perhaps not directly but to the downloading population. Hope this helps.

  wams 10:40 06 Mar 2007

What do you mean, are you saying that i have to wait until the upload stops or now that ive exceeded my download with the upload can i stop at anytime

  terryf 10:45 06 Mar 2007

Yes, which program are you using, with Azureus you can right click on the column headings and set it to show ratio, when ratio is greater than 1.0 it is polite to stop the uploading or carry on if you wish to continue to help others

  wams 10:49 06 Mar 2007

i have subscribed to 4MB how can you tell how fast your downloading. E.G for all i know i could paying for 4MB but only getting 2MB

  wams 10:51 06 Mar 2007


  wams 10:55 06 Mar 2007

this is the first film ive doanloaded, when using bitlord whats my next step to burn it on disc

  terryf 11:44 06 Mar 2007

nero? Try a google 'how to burn films to disk', I found by experience that Azureus click here meets my downloading requirements

  terryf 11:45 06 Mar 2007

click here for nero

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