Downloading? Uploading? itunes to CD? MP3?

  tomei 16:40 20 Jan 2009

Would/could someone please explain some of the above? If I download music to my PC, is it stored in PC for eventual more downloading onto CDs?
Sorry..... all quite new and need to understand more! Thanks again

  john bunyan 18:33 20 Jan 2009

Can you be a bit more specific ? From where do you download music ? I assume you have created a folder in "My Music" for downloads? There is a lot of software , free and paid for to do what yuo wnt, but could you give a few more details of your system and needs?

  Forum Editor 18:51 20 Jan 2009

must be stored on your hard drive. If you use a web browser to do the downloading you'll be prompted for a saving location, and you can specify any folder on your drive.

If you use special software to do the downloading - like iTunes for instance, it will have automatically created a download location when you installed it. You can then use the same software to copy downloaded music tracks to CDs. In iTunes you can create folders - called playlists - and add any of your downloaded tracks to them. When you do this you're simply copying the tracks to the folder, ready for CD writing, or just listening - they remain on your hard drive after you've written the CD.

  tomei 19:08 20 Jan 2009

Signed into itunes. Can't find info on how many songs can be burnt onto a cd or is it the length of each song added together that equals the 120mins of cd? Got what you are saying too!
I thought that 1/2/3 music downloads burnt onto a cd was the cost x79p and that was he end to it all. Didn't realise the downloads were held on my hard-drive too. Good job we don't live until we are 150 years old I thinks! Thanks yet again.

  Forum Editor 19:13 20 Jan 2009

iTunes will tell you if they don't fit on a single CD before it starts to burn.

Once you've paid for your music download it will remain on your hard drive forever, and you can make CDs using the tracks. From time to time it's a good idea to backup your iTunes library, just in case. iTunes will do that for you if you ask it to.

  tomei 19:21 20 Jan 2009

'resolved'.... yes thanks. what would I do without PCadviser? No doubt will be back so solve more pc mysteries!

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