Downloading updates for XP

  kuhbler 03:02 18 Mar 2003

Hi there,

I'm getting Win XP Pro in a few days, but I won't be installing it until I get back to Britain. Is there a way I can get hold of Service Pack 1a and Media Player 9 to chuck onto a cd as I want to take advantage of my 1mb connection while I still have it (back onto Dialup when I get back to the UK)?

I've had a look at the Windows site, but these seem to be only for install if you have XP. I'm just collecting all the drivers and everything else now so I can to limit the amount of time I will need to do for downloading when I get back home.


  AndySD 03:14 18 Mar 2003
  AndySD 03:15 18 Mar 2003
  kuhbler 05:42 18 Mar 2003

You are a star Andy, I don't know why I didn't see those before when I was rooting around!

Your the man, i was looking for it everywhere on the web as well

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