downloading things from the internet

  yorkieval 11:00 05 Mar 2003

Hello, when downloading things from the internet such as drivers or patches. what do you do when it asks you to "open" or "save" the programme. Do you open it or save it. Also where do you put it, is the desktop OK. I really dont understand anything about this so excuse my diction. .Val

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 11:03 05 Mar 2003

I always save to disk and hav

e a folder i creadted for stuff like this in my documents and save it there , but i guess it up to you what you do lol.

  BRYNIT 11:06 05 Mar 2003

I always down load to a folder created for this. and when it ask "open or save" I save it. I go into the folder and scan the file for virus b4 clicking on the file to install.

  MAJ 11:07 05 Mar 2003

Yes, I agree, always save them to your hard drive first. That way you have a backup of the file you downloaded, you wont have to download it again after a reformat or disastrous crash. More importantly, it gives you the opportunity to scan the file for viruses before installing it.

  €dstow 11:09 05 Mar 2003

I always save to "My Documents" before installing. I then load from that. If the program/patch/driver is what I want, it then gets copied to a disk for long term storage.


  yorkieval 11:13 05 Mar 2003

Thank you everybody, and I dont wish to appear thick, but how do you install it once you have downloaded it?....Val

  €dstow 11:15 05 Mar 2003

Most of them, just click on them and it all happens!


  Pesala 11:17 05 Mar 2003

With Internet Explorer, if you left click on the file it will open it in IE using a plug-in, then when you save it, it will save it in My Documents by default.

If you right-click and choose Save target as... it will save it in the last directory that you used. So you could create a folder called C:\My Documents\Downloads and always save files in there with right-click, Save target as...

In Opera, you can define default folders individually for each file type: one place for MP3 files, another for JPG, another for DOC, etc. In Opera, left-click will give you the option to open the file in its default application (Word for *.doc files, Acrobat Reader for *.pdf files, etc.) or save it to disk.

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