Downloading streaming videos capturing onto dvd?

  elpin 16:36 16 Mar 2008

I would like to capture video clips onto dvd to watch in a continual process, is this possible please?

  T I M B O 22:11 10 Jun 2009

Downloading streaming videos capturing onto dvd?

Well just incase you did not know as you are in the Absolute beginners forum, to download videos is not only ilegal, but also dangerous. When you download material illegaly you not only get the video u want, but also you get viruses of many types that will harm your computer & the safety aspect for banking or online shopping will be at risk too. Not only this, your ISP (internet service provider) will if not already will be monitering what you download. People might tell you that there is software to block this, but thats not so. So better surfing will give u a better experence of pc usage all round.

  tullie 22:18 10 Jun 2009

He may,or may not pick a nasty up.I dont think yet there is onus on isps to monitor downloads at this time is there?

  T I M B O 22:26 10 Jun 2009

I know a friend of mine that got a letter from there isp regarding the type of download they were doing which came as a shock, but yes they are peeking. Weather it's allowed or not i have no idea.

  AL47 01:58 11 Jun 2009

there is software im aware of, but the OP may mean youtube etv

  sharpamat 08:32 13 Jun 2009

sidelineing a simple request for information, I do not feel is the best responce in any forum. esp Absolute beginners how will anyone move foward.

Not all downloaded clips are illegal. only ones covered by copyright. Programs such as BBC i player etc have software such as DRM to prevent writing to DVD

there are programs available to do almost any thing on a computer.

The basic method to place legal clips onto DVD are, save the downloaded clip to a file on your computer, in the format compatable with the software you are useing. Then use that program to transpose the clips, and burn to DVD.

NERO is a good basic program for doing this, I
prefer to use programs such as Power producer from Cyberlink. the same methods can be used for copying your own camcorder recordings to DVD

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