Downloading pictures

  AGMS 05:27 31 Dec 2003

I had a program on my computer that downloaded pictures from my digital camera straight into My Pictures when the camera was plugged in and switched it on which was so easy, untill that is the computer went back to be reprogramed after some software problems.
I am now trying to use the olympus program which is not very good.
Can anybody tell me which program it may have been? could it have been part of Word?
Thanks for any help.

  Chegs ® 05:46 31 Dec 2003

Which OS? as XP has Scanner & Camera Wizard.

  minter 10:45 31 Dec 2003

Was the program on a disc supplied by the camera manufacturer.

Usually manufacturers supply their own "brand" of capture software to enable you to download direct from your camera to the computer.

The programs are usually not very clever and it is far easier to use a card reader to transfer the pics.

  AGMS 18:26 31 Dec 2003

The computer's OS is XP perhaps the picture downloading program is not working.

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