Downloading PDF Files

  W C Boggs 17:32 14 May 2007

Whenever I try to download a PDF file from a website, my internet browser locks up and I have to close it down via task manager. This has happened on several different sites, the latest being this one:

click here

(I was trying to download the manual for a CC-FR7CL cycle computer.)

Having read some other entries on this forum, I installed Foxit as my default reader, but the same happens each time.

My browser is Mozilla Firefox (version 5.0).


  RobbyMac 17:48 14 May 2007

Hi are you sure your browser locks up? If you are on dial up pdf files take some time to download and the page is unresponsive while the file downloads. To avoid this, if I want to keep the file (I would assume you do in this case) I right click the file and choose 'save as' then download it that way. The file is always available then without the www (world wide wait.
Hope this helps.

  FreeCell 17:51 14 May 2007

Have you tried uninstalling and re-installing Adobe Reader? The fact the problem occurs with two browsers implies it's more an Adobe problem.

The document opens fine for me so not a problem with the source file.

  pj123 17:53 14 May 2007

Can't answer your question but I have no problem on my PC with downloading CC-FR7CL cycle computer. I can email it to you if you want.

Let me know via the envelope.

  skeletal 19:43 14 May 2007

I have the same problem with Opera. However, in my case it is because I have an early version of Adobe pdf WRITER. If I click to open a pdf, it starts up the writer which won't work under Opera. Everything then crashes.
My work around, which you could try, is to start up Adobe READER, before starting Opera. When I then click on a pdf, the reader picks it up and all is well. (This is inspite of making the reader the software of preference to read a pdf.)


  W C Boggs 00:17 15 May 2007

To answer RobbyMac, I have a 2MB broadband connection, rather than dial up.

Pj123 - thanks for your offer, but I tried RobbyMac's suggestion of "save as" and went back into the link, and this seems to have worked ok.

Tried to install Adobe Reader 8.0. Message said:

"Error 1714: the older version of Adobe Reader 8 canot be removed. Contact your technical support group".

In "Add/remove programs" I found Adobe reader 7.0.8. Tried to remove this, but got message:

"This patch package could not be opened. Verify that the patch package exsists and that you can access it, or contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer patch package".

I don't want to uninstall all Adobe products, as there are others (eg Adobe Photoshops Elements 4.0) that I use regularly.

  €dstowe 06:03 15 May 2007

Try a different pdf reader such as foxit click here

  octal 07:07 15 May 2007

You could try reinstalling all the Adobe products again incase one of the files are corrupt.

  skeletal 09:39 15 May 2007

This sounds to me that all your probelms are due to a corrupt Adobe reader installation. Do you have a copy of version 7.0.8 as the installation file; i.e. the file you would have downloaded from Adobe originally? If so, you could try re-installing it. If that works, hopefully it would enable you to then uninstall it. You could then install V 8.0 afresh.


  FreeCell 11:00 15 May 2007

Try this from Adobe
click here

Looks like a problem with uninstall entries in the registry for a previous version of Reader.

  W C Boggs 17:47 15 May 2007

Thanks for your help everyone.

I have now successfully installed Adobe v8, and pdf files (from several websites) are opening ok.


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