Downloading from pc to mobile phone using USB

  gazmix 13:36 09 Jan 2007

I'm new to this. I want to download jpeg images to my phone using a USB cable & upload images from my phone to my pc, again using i assume a USB cable.

My mouse is a USB mouse, as my other mouse always went crazy curser shooting all round screen, something to do with ZA i think.

I can't see any more USB sockets in my desktop system. Is there a way around this.
I assume i need to take my mouse & phone to my local Vodafone shop to get a cable compatable cable, as i went to an electics shop & the USB cable on the mouse end was different to the one on my pc.

Once i have the right cable, do i need anything else??
I guess i'll have to have a go at trying the other mouse as i need obviously to sort out what i want to down & up load!
Any help appreciated!

  gazmix 15:04 09 Jan 2007

anyone, pretty please!!

  jimv7 15:31 09 Jan 2007
  gazmix 16:05 09 Jan 2007

Do i neeed this if i can find a cable that is compatable with phone & pc.
Is this a device that goes between the phone & the pc, so i'd still need another cable. Cable from device to pc & device to phone.
Would i stick my mouse into this too, like a plug adaptor that gives me more than one usb socket.
Sorry, but am novice!

  mammak 16:16 09 Jan 2007

What phone have you got? did any software come with the phone?

  Technotiger 16:21 09 Jan 2007

Hi, the device shown in jimv7's link is a usb hub, you can get usb hubs with 2, 4, or more usb sockets to give you more usb connecting points on your pc. It is very unusual not to have more than one usb socket on your pc, I expect you have more if you look carefully. Anyway, even if you do only have the one, then a usb hub will fit into that one, so you can then attach more than one usb item to your pc - mouse, phone, printer etc ... You need a cable from your phone to the usb hub, should have come with your phone, or you could buy one from a mobile phone dealer. You will also need software that should also come with your phone, or you may be able to download the software on-=line.

  Technotiger 16:26 09 Jan 2007

A better way to connect your phone to pc is by Bluetooth, but not all phones have this ability. If yours does have Bluetooth (you would find it in the phones' internal Settings under connectivity) then you would need a usb Bluetooth adapter to plug into the USB hub as mentioned above. Bluetooth is much quicker than usb and in addition you are not restricted, by being connected by cable, to the pc.

  gazmix 16:54 09 Jan 2007

Thanks Technotiger
The phone came is a Sagem my401v that came with no extra cables!
The phone has bluetooth & it says under connectivity & USB mode 'At plugging in', 'Modem' which is the one i guess i need to use & another one for printers etc!

As for the back of my pc desktop, there's just one USB socket that my mouse goes into, a fiew pin sockets & single plugin sockets like a headphone jack & thats it!
So i assume i'd need the device on ebuyer!
Or i could go to the Vodafone shop, take my mouse & phone & get the corresponding cable!

Does the device shown have different USB size sockets as the one i saw in local electrical shop was nothing like the one that goes into my phone or into the USB mouse socket on the pc.

  SLAYER 19:17 09 Jan 2007

You probably need something like this.

click here

click here

  Technotiger 19:57 09 Jan 2007

click here

These are usb cables, one end at least of all these cables is the same, or in other words are of a standard size. The ends of the cables which look different are for fitting into different types of devices, i.e. printers, cameras, phones etc. Phone connecters vary quite a lot depending on the make of phone, but one end of each and every phone cable is a standard usb fitting, as shown in my link.

  Technotiger 20:06 09 Jan 2007

This is the usb cable and software which you need - just under £20.

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