Downloading Patches - No Transfer Rate

  Actor One 21:58 05 Jan 2003
  Actor One 21:58 05 Jan 2003

I`m downloading a patch from an ftp site with Download Accelerator it has Resume Support and there are over 10 sites where DAP has found the same patch. The program is stating that it`s receiving the file but there`s nothing happening on the transfer rate bar - it still says 0 bytes of 1.98MB. I have turned off my firewall (Netdefence) but to no avail.

Why is nothing happening? or am I doing a Bart Simpson here and missing something obvious?...

  powerless 22:16 05 Jan 2003

Ditch DAP for only 1.98MB

Just use the basic and usual way. Dont use DAP for that...

But if you have to select another site from the 10 that DAP gives you.

  Actor One 22:33 05 Jan 2003

Thanks Powerless - but how do I ditch DAP it`s my default downloader, and it has worked well in the past. Do I have to Remove the program from Add/Remove Programs. I can`t find the place where I can change my Download manager default...!Doh!..

  powerless 22:36 05 Jan 2003

Its been a while since i have used DAP but somewhere in the options i'm sure there is a "Integrate with IE" uncheck the box...

Close your internet Explorer.

Shut down DAP.

Reopen it internet Explorer and try the download again, windows downalod box will pop up instead of DAP.

  Actor One 22:47 05 Jan 2003

Thanks Powerless, ditched DAP, used Windows Download, program loaded.

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