Downloading music and films- how?

  hinny 16:41 24 Nov 2004

As a bit of a novice, how do I download music and films (for a fee as I understand) and do I need a special program . My computer has Record now on it. Cheers

  Noelg23 16:48 24 Nov 2004

first and foremost...never ask in public how to download music and films for free...cos it will spark outrage of illegal downloads and stuff like that...just letting u know ok...

  Sethhaniel 16:58 24 Nov 2004

click here

select band or film etc from the thousands listed and click on your preferred option be it MP3 OGG etc and download it free - That is FREE - Legal - That is LEGAL ;)

  Salinger 17:07 24 Nov 2004

" (for a fee as I understand)" NOT the same as asking for FREE stuff!

  Noelg23 17:08 24 Nov 2004

I dont think thats what they wanted...

  Salinger 17:08 24 Nov 2004

" (for a fee as I understand)" NOT the same as asking for FREE stuff!

  fourjays 17:24 24 Nov 2004

I belive that all free music and film downloads are illegal and now being enforced.

For music, try MSN Music click here(built into MP10), Napster click here, iTunes click here(only any good if you ahve iPod, iMac or use Quicktime alot), or Woolworthsclick here.

They are much, much cheaper than anything you can buy in the shops, and are 100% legal (not just legal because they say so - they have licenses to make it legal).

MSN is 69p per track. Napster 99p. iTunes 79p. Albums: MSN= £6.99, Napster = £9.99, iTunes= £7.99

  SurfMonkey _#:@} 17:33 24 Nov 2004

hinny you wont get much help in here if you want to download movies and music

  SurfMonkey _#:@} 17:36 24 Nov 2004

not for free anyway try click here

  Djohn 17:38 24 Nov 2004

I'm sorry that you've been jumped on for asking a perfectly legitimate question. There are plenty of free legal tracks on the internet as Sethhaniel and Salinger have pointed out.

Special software is not required and windows own media player is fine for most downloads. There are one or two other free players that can be downloaded to your machine as well to allow you to copy/save free music.

Try this site for several links to either copyright free music or tracks that are copyright and you pay a small fee to download from. click here

Napster. Now legal and you pay for the music but at least you can choose your own tracks and end up with a CD full of music you want rather than paying for 15 tracks of which you only want 1 or 2. click here click here click here are a few sites to get you started.

Good luck. j.

  Salinger 17:41 24 Nov 2004

hinny did not ask for advice on getting FREE downloads. Please read his post!

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