downloading movies to burn to dvd

  clueless59 18:13 20 Apr 2011

Hi do I need to buy software to download movies and burn them on a dvd disc I have downloaded a programme called express disc burning software but when I try to burn the film I have downloaded it keeps saying error on authoring and to check files am I doing something wrong. please can anyone help?I have a windows xp pc.

  BRYNIT 20:49 20 Apr 2011

What type of film have you downloaded and where from?

  clueless59 20:56 20 Apr 2011

I downloaded harry potter from utorrent

  clueless59 12:59 21 Apr 2011

well they are probably laughing because I haven't got it but I also wanted the old movies but still don't know how, have been told Nero Suite should do this but don't think I have full suite how do I find out.?

  wee eddie 14:17 21 Apr 2011

You find out by opening the Program and seeing if there is any bit that says, "Burn to DVD"

Incidentally "Windows Movie Maker" which is free will burn to CD and may Burn to DVD for all I know.

  BT 17:27 21 Apr 2011

DVD Flick works pretty well for most things. I've used it for making compilations of Youtube stuff.

Free to download and use.

DVD Flick

You could have bought the latest Harry Potter in Tescos on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday this week for just £7.00 in their introductory offer. It came with a second disc of Exras.

Previous film is also available for just £5.00

  clueless59 20:36 21 Apr 2011

thanks bt will probably do that thanks to all for their help.

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