Downloading Movies

  wrg 13:15 18 Sep 2007

Not sure whether to ask this here or on the digital forum, so please accept my apologies if posting in the wrong place. I want to start/learn how to download movies but do not know where to start. I have 2 computers I could do this on, one connected to my modem via cable, Win XP 80gb HD, 1g ram & 2.8mhz processor, or laptop with Vista basic, 2g ram & 160 HD & dual core & connects wirelessly to the internet. Any advice would be appreciated with suggestions of which sites are best.


  Monument 13:23 18 Sep 2007

One thing you do not mention is how fast is your BB connection.

Movies are very large in size and only practical to download if you have a fast BB connection.

  wrg 13:25 18 Sep 2007

Thanks for your response.
I have 2meg download speed which I am currently getting the full speed.

  €dstowe 13:29 18 Sep 2007

You should also be aware that commercial movies are copyrighted and most likely your download will not come within the terms of the law. That being the case, PCA is not the place to ask about these things.

Having said that, though, if you want to persist, most movie download sites give explicit instructions of how to download, stitch and convert their efforts into something watchable. This varies from site to site.

If you want sites to download from, have a look at Google Groups where you can get almost anything you could ever want.

  wrg 13:36 18 Sep 2007


I gather from your response that downloading of movies is illegal. If so then I would not want to pursue it any further. Would you please be kind enough to clarify.


  €dstowe 13:40 18 Sep 2007

Downloading commercial films such as those shown in cinemas is illegal, yes.

Even so, lots of people do it.

  wrg 13:44 18 Sep 2007

Even so does not make it right though. I have 4 young kids and would not want them to think/know that such a thing is ok to do. What about films that have left the cinema long ago?

  Jak_1 14:31 18 Sep 2007

There are quite a few factors involved. As has been stated already that to download commercial movies, no matter how old they are, without payment (Unless copyright free) is illegal. Those that you do pay for, you would probably get better quality by buying the DVD n the first place. Also the standard 1.5 hour movie is gong to take a fair amount of time to download and will be in the region of 1GB+ in size.
Time of day for downloading also affects dl speed due to line contention and some isp's throttling speeds during the 6pm to 11pm window.

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