Downloading and keeping pictures

  Chipless 13:37 15 Nov 2006

Help please,
What is the best way of downloading pictures and keeping them to add text to. I download a picture and when i try to add text it disappears.Please keep it simple!!

  recap 13:56 15 Nov 2006

Download the pictures to "My Picture" folder. Once they are in the folder, right click the picture and select "Rename"

  anskyber 15:17 15 Nov 2006

Do you mean add text onto the picture itself?

  Chipless 15:17 15 Nov 2006

I can download if it says to download, but when I have renamed it how do I start to put text to it? and if I just want to get a picture off the net that doesn't say "download" and want to keep it and add text how do I do that?

  Chipless 15:19 15 Nov 2006

No not necessarily to the picture itself but to include the picture in say a word doc for homework etc

  anskyber 15:20 15 Nov 2006

If the picture is not "protected" then usually right clicking on the image will give options to save it.sometimes just hovering the mouse over the image will bring up a small set of icons one of which looks like a floppy disc, that is the save icon, clicking on it will save the image.

  anskyber 15:23 15 Nov 2006

Do you have MS Word? If you do then from a blank page choose insert from the menu bar it will give options one of which is insert image, then from file and you can navigate to my pictures file which will then import the pic to your document.

  anskyber 15:26 15 Nov 2006

More info. click here

  Chipless 15:37 15 Nov 2006

Many thanks for that I'll go away and try to put into practice what you've said

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