Downloading and Inserting Photos

  musopoet 13:38 22 Jul 2005

I recently changed from W98 SE to XP Professional and have had problems with XP when downloading and inserting photos taken from the web.

When trying to insert a photo message comes up saying: 'graphics filter cannot be found'.

Also; saved photo won't open in 'Windows picture and fax viewer' - so am unable to edit photo.

  woodchip 13:51 22 Jul 2005

How are you saving the photos

  musopoet 14:12 22 Jul 2005

I right click on the photo - when the 'save as' box appears I choose 'bmp' - 'art' is the other option and then save into 'sample photos'

  woodchip 14:15 22 Jul 2005

Have you tried JPG as it will be a GIF or JPG, so you are changing format

  musopoet 14:29 22 Jul 2005

I don't have the option of saving as Gif or JPG - can only save as 'Art' or 'bmp' - is there a way round this?

  bretsky 14:53 22 Jul 2005

Download this free graphics application
click here

It will convert your bmp to a jpg or any other graphic file format you choose.

Install irfanview and get all the plugins, when done, download your images to the desktop in bmp format, then fire up irfanview and have the program half screen size then simply drag and drop an image to irfanview, then from the toolbar, go to file and in the drop down box that appears select SAVE AS, then select jpg file format from the selection of file formats, to the desktop, when done, double click your NEW image to see it in the Windows picture and fax viewer.


bretsky ;0)

  musopoet 15:00 22 Jul 2005

thanks bretsky - still can't work out why - when using W98 SE - that pics could be saved off web as bmp and inserted easily. why isn't it as easy with XP?

  musopoet 15:31 22 Jul 2005

Irfanview won't work!!!

Dragged pic saved as bmp into irfanview and got message saying: 'this is an ART file - incorrect file extension - try opening in internet explorer'

I'm baffled!


  bretsky 18:07 22 Jul 2005

Yes, I am too, baffled that is, does this shed any more light? click here

bretsky ;0)

  musopoet 13:11 23 Jul 2005

Thank you guys for all your help.

Problem now resolved.

Solution: I added the file name extension in the file name box when saving - image was a jpg obviously because it was on internet website so simply added .bmp after the name of the image in the file name box and image was saved as a bmp. Nice!

  bretsky 16:30 23 Jul 2005

Green tick, ta.

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