Downloading images from a digital camera

  dugit 19:53 29 Sep 2004

What method is best for downloading digital images from a camera :1.using camera software
2.using windows xp.
I have a canon s410 and its user guide says there are certain limitations using windows xp software.
Any advice please?

  mole44 19:59 29 Sep 2004

get an adapter card for the type of card your camera uses and download them via the usb port

  jack 20:01 29 Sep 2004

by far and away is by a dedicated USB card reader.
This simply plugs into the USB port and the Computer reads it as another drive, no software required.

Cameras too when plugged in should register as another drive.

Software supplied with cameras is best left in the box.
When the extra drive comes up [camera or reader] simply open it and copy the files to your picture location [default is My docs/My pictures
but you can put them any where you like]

  keith-236785 20:24 29 Sep 2004

if XP supports your camer, let xp do it for you.

connect the camera, turn it on and the wizard should appear, simply choose download images to a folder on my hard drive (or whatever the actual wording is).

normally goes to my documents/my pictures

  accord 20:31 29 Sep 2004

purchase a card reader and download images from the card and NOT the camera. 100% easier and you dont waste battery power at the same time.

  Graham ® 20:34 29 Sep 2004

A card reader gets my vote. Too many conflicts using camera software.

  [email protected] 21:01 29 Sep 2004

Don't really agree with accord. Taking the card in/out constantly could lead to undue wear/tear/possible damage to the tiny delicate pins within the camera which connect to the card. If the camera has a connection port it's much easier to connect the camera to the USB via its connecting cord than shelling out on a card reader and taking the card in/out each time. Saves the battery, rhubarb! most are rechargeable... My tip: bin the camera software and let XP do it for you via the cable.

  fsbb 21:17 29 Sep 2004

USB Card Reader accepts all cards. Just over £11 inc VAT/delivery.
click here

  Danoh 21:18 29 Sep 2004

I also have a Canon camera and have used all 3 methods mentioned with no undesirable effects at all.

I use Canon's s/w principally to use the panoramic "stitch" functionality which is really useful.

My boys and wife have used Windows XP to copy and transfer camera files with no problems at all either.

I also use a USB card reader as a quick way to do a mass transfer/copy of all pics or selections of pics.

So its entirely down to your preference in terms of which you find most suitable and convenient I reckon, baring any installation/compatibility issues mentioned by earlier posts.

But manipulating the pics once transferred is a completely different item altogether as the functionality and capability of different pic editing software is vast.

  fsbb 21:22 29 Sep 2004

I don't think the previous link works. try this click here
If it still doesn't work go to click here and search SD Card Reader

  billyliv 00:27 30 Sep 2004

Hi, I am 100% with accord. He is spot on. Cheers, Bill

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