Downloading Graphic driver (Nvidia)

  dugit 14:41 05 Sep 2008

What actions are necessary to download a new graphics driver, I have tried without success as the screen alternated between being normal and then black and I had to carry out restore with xp to get back to where I was?

  AL47 14:53 05 Sep 2008

wdll i have a laptop and its tricky,

there is a special site i know of for latops and it lists all the problems and compatibility issues

but things like that can happen

ive had lines across the screen before

  Clapton is God 15:05 05 Sep 2008

I'm not really sure what you mean "What actions are necessary to download a new graphics driver".

You go to the Nvidia website, find the driver you want and download it. No special "action" required.

If however, you mean how do you INSTALL a new driver, try this:

You should download the update and save it to your Desktop.

You then uninstall the existing driver and reboot the PC. You will then be in VGA resolution. Then double click on the downloaded driver to install it. Once it has finished installing do the following:

· Right click on a blank portion of your Desktop.
· Select 'properties'.
· On the tab at the top click on 'settings'.
· Select your preferred screen resolution i.e. 1280 x 1024 or lower.
· Select the Colour Quality i.e. Highest 32 Bit.
· Select 'Advanced'.

You will then have the NVidia controls to set to your personal preferences.

  dugit 15:30 05 Sep 2008

Yes I'm afraid I did mean how to download and install a graphics driver.
Many Thanks

  johndrew 12:20 06 Sep 2008

Why do you want to download and install new graphics drivers? If those you have are working alright I suggest you leave them alone.

Changing graphics drivers can cause some odd problems - I lost my ability to recover from standby when I replaced them on one occasion.

If you really must do it, one of the easier ways is to download File Hippo Update Checker click here and run this. It will check all software and drivers against the database and provide a list of all software it can provide updates for. Click on the graphics driver update in the list and it will re-direct you to the download applicable, simply click on latest update and download it. Installation is usually a case of clicking the downloaded update`s icon and following instructions.

  dugit 20:14 10 Sep 2008

Have replaced the graphics card for a nvidia fx 5200 and so far everything seems to be ok.

  dugit 20:16 10 Sep 2008

I apologise for not thanking for all the replies.

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