Downloading freeware

  Sirpad 17:26 24 Sep 2005

I have been trying to download freeware (anyware for that matter) and when I do this, Quick Time tries to do it but it doesn't seem to work for various reasons. What other software can I use for downloading. (I have Windows '95)

  mattyc_92 17:33 24 Sep 2005

I don't know why "QuickTime" is trying to download things, as it is a media player. Or am I missing something?

What Internet Browser are you using? IE? FireFox?

  Forum Editor 18:13 24 Sep 2005

isn't for downloading software. When you click on the download link your browser should open a download dialogue, and ask you where you want to put the file.

  Sirpad 19:54 24 Sep 2005

Thanks to you both......I am using IE and I have no idea why QT runs every time I try to download software. It doesn't intervene when I'm trying to download an attachment from an email but when I try to download from any website it seems to run QT.
When you refer to download dialogue do you mean when it asks if I want to save on disk or run it? I only get that when I'm downloading attachments.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:01 24 Sep 2005

Create a folder on your harddrive and Always save your downloads to disk. then run them from the folder.

Then when you can reload the file any timse you like without having to wait for it to download again.

You could then back up the downloads to a CD incase your system crashes.

  VoG II 20:03 24 Sep 2005

Duplicate click here

  wolfie3000 20:00 25 Sep 2005

i think your problem when downloading is that you just click on the link instead right click on the link and click on "save target as" this hopefully will sort it.
As for quicktime loading i think your registry has something wrong like a file association im not too sure about this maybe some one can clarify.

  wolfie3000 20:10 25 Sep 2005

BTW good freeware sites are click here and click here

  Simsy 20:50 25 Sep 2005

Quicktime isn't actually trying to download what you're after, but rather is running and is trying to auto-update itself?

To try and eliminate this as the problem, see if QT is running... is it appearing in the system tray, (bottom right of screen)? If it is right click on it and close it, or exit it, (whatever the option is.

Do this BEFORE connecting to the internet

Then connect to the internet.

Does that help?

(Please note that I don't have QT installed so I'm making assumptions about it's behavior in my instructions above!)

Apologies if this is no help at all!



  Sirpad 09:23 18 Oct 2005

Finally got rid of QT (which still wanted to intervene everytime I tried a download) and am now able to download in relative peace.

Any help with another thread I have would be greatly appreciated.

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