Downloading an Entire Website

  Pesala 18:01 26 Jun 2005

I believe there is some software than can do this. What I want to do is download this dictionary click here for using off-line. How do I do that?

  rubella 18:12 26 Jun 2005
  Pesala 18:32 26 Jun 2005

Looks like a seriously big website: some 2282 links, downloaded 3 Mbytes so far, about 700 files already.

Thanks for that.

Now for my next question. Is there any program that will do a search and replace globally on all of these files? I want to convert the html files to use standard UTF-8 Encoding so that I get the correct accented characters aiu etc., without using proprietary fonts.

  rubella 18:38 26 Jun 2005


Mah pleasure amigo. Alas part B exceeds me.

  powerless 18:43 26 Jun 2005

I really don't like these programs as they can feed on the bandwidth of the site. I would seriously think about what you are doing as you may exceed a bandwidth limit etc. Maybe contact the owner to see if he/she can email you what you want...or something similiar.

  Pesala 19:09 26 Jun 2005

My intention is to make a compressed archive of the entire site that I will — if permission is given — make available to the website owners or others to solve this very problem.

If you look at my links page click here you will see that I provide a highly compressed archive of another bulk download click here saving them bandwidth. The ATI website is heavily used for quoting references on Buddhist forums. It makes sense for a lot of users to have it as an offline archive. I have emailed the webmaster a couple of time suggesting that they compress the website with to save bandwidth. I post links to my self-extracting archive on a couple of forums, and update my mirrored version fairly frequently. My site stats indicate that the archive was downloaded 60 times last month, and 38 times so far this month.

The download has just finished: 21 Mbytes, 73 Mbytes on disk. Probably that 21 Mb download could be reduced to about 3 Mbytes as a 7z self-extracting archive.

I provide both *.7z and *.zip archive of my own website on my Homepage click here to suit both PC and Linux or Mac users.

  Pesala 23:21 26 Jun 2005

I found a freeware utility calle BTRWiz on Nonags click here that does just what I want. I managed to change the files to UTF-8 encoding and started to replace á í ú with ā ī ū

It seems to work really well.

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