Downloading emails to a Palm m130

  Hels 18:23 02 Apr 2003

OK I will probably sound pretty thick here but if anyone has a solution if this can be done I'd be very grateful.
I'm going away on business for a few days and I really need to have access to my email inbox. I have a Palm m130 and a Nokia 3510 mobile phone and it says on the Palm website that you can use a 'data-enabled phone or a modem' to connect your Palm. I have the software on my Palm but I probably haven't got the correct mobile to do this?
My other major question concerns me connecting to my ISP.......I'm on ntl broadband, it's not a 'Dial-up'connection as such so does this mean that I wouldn't be able to connect up away from home anyway?

  recap 20:04 02 Apr 2003

click here this may be of some help to you, Hels?

  Hels 21:03 02 Apr 2003

Many thanks recap I'm checking through it to see if my phone is compatible.
I'm still unsure about the fact that I have Broadband, there's no point me getting all the kit if I can't use my ISP, so it may be best that I contact ntl.

  Hels 17:19 03 Apr 2003

Have found out a few interesting things!! OK, have been in touch with ntl and I can access my email account via there web mail page, if this is any use to anyone it's click here
so got that sorted. All I need (so I'm told) for my Nokia 3510 is a data cable to connect my Palm m130 with. Because my mobile account is with O2 they have mobile tariffs for £12.00 & £15.00 a month, great, so that's that sorted!!
But no there is always a spanner in the works!! It appear that I can't get a data cable to connect the phone to the Palm. I've looked through loads of stuff on the Net and rang a couple of good mobile phone shops and they say you can't get one. It appears looking at that the only way I can 'link' the two together is via 'infra red' or 'bluetooth' of which my phone has neither.......typical!!!!!
Anyone know any different please let me know!! Other than that it's really easy to hook up to a notebook, has anyone got a real cheap one for sale!!!!!

  Kate B 17:38 03 Apr 2003

Hels, I use a Palm OS-machine to pick up email all the time - it's dead easy. If your email can be accessed via a POP3 server, I recommend Snapper Mail for the Palm, a super client, or Eudora has a free Palm app.

You will however need to sign up for an ISP that has an old-fashioned dialup - I use when I'm on the road, there are various pay-as-you-go options.

Or if you're going abroad, I suggest finding a local ISP - in Thailand for example Loxinfo has loads of local numbers for the whole country, and it costs buttons, even with wildly overpriced international mobile roaming.

Pity your mobile doesn't have IR - if you can bear to upgrade the handset, IR works really well and means you don't have to track down a data cable which might be a tricky quest. Good luck!

  Hels 22:00 03 Apr 2003

Thanks Kate that's really useful info, can I ask you if you can access the web because if that's possible I wouldn't need to get a POP dial-up account, I don't know how much it would cost to upgrade my mobile but it's something i'll definately look into.

  tbh72 02:25 04 Apr 2003

Have you considered renting a mobile telephone for the duration of your holiday!!! You could rent say a Nokia 8310, which I use with the M130.

Try here click here

  stlucia 08:48 04 Apr 2003

An alternative to using your mobile phone with your Palm is to use a Palm modem which plugs into the telephone line. I use one when I'm travelling.

  Hels 12:12 04 Apr 2003

Wow, all these idea's! I will have a look at each one and I'm sure I'll be able to do something.
tbh72....I take it that the Nokia 8310 has infra red facility??
I'm going to see if/how much it would cost me to upgrade to a mobile that has all the facillities I will need, probably get a shock!!

Thanks everyone.

  Kate B 16:17 04 Apr 2003

Hels, I do recommend using a POP3 client to pick up your email if you can - you'll save your mobile bills, particularly if you're roaming abroad. You can dial up, get the email program to whip in and pick up your email, then disconnect and write your replies offline. Much cheaper than doing it via a webmail service.

If you haven't got a keyboard for your Palm, I recommend getting one - have a look at click here, they may well have a Stowaway keyboard to fit your Palm. Life is too short to write emails via Grafitti!

  Hels 18:23 04 Apr 2003

Thanks Kate, I will look at the keyboards...I know what you mean about Grafitti!

I will look into the POP email more with NTL and O2 once I can connect my phone to my Palm. I have talked to a guy at my local 02 shop and we have come to the conclusion that the only way to connect these two up would be, as you advised, to upgrade my phone. My contract doesn't finish with O2 until August this year so I can't upgrade so would have to buy a new phone.
I decided that the Nokia 6310i would be best as it has Bluetooth, Infra red and you can get a data cable to connect up with my Palm (also thinking in the near future if I get a Notebook, it is ideal for this too).
So this leaves me to find the cheapest Nokia 6310i, have searched the Net and because I only want the phone the cheapest I could get is about £200, gulp!!! So at the moment I'm looking at Ebay to see if I can get a cheaper phone....... might also look for the keyboard for my Palm.

Watch this space!

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