Downloading Digital Video to disc

  joeski60 16:48 30 Mar 2004

I have a digital camcorder (MiniDV). How do I get the digital info on the tape onto my hard disc? What format choices do I have? Can I go straight to DVD? I want to avoid mpeg as the quality is poor. Ideally I want to download to my hard drive then bounce it to a disk (via an application) into a readily accessible format.

Any ideas out there?

  SANTOS7 18:17 30 Mar 2004

you need a video editing/authoring program. With minidv, your camcorder should have a ieee 1394 (firewire) port to stream the video into your computer (which needs ieee 1394 also). From there you can use a number of programs like ulead, videowave, studio8, etc.

You do not need a video capture card (unless you consider a ieee 1394 card a video capture card)

The downloaded video will be AVI. The software will convert it to a number of different formats.
found this on another forum hope it gives you the info you need

  LAP 19:07 30 Mar 2004

If you have what is suggested by SANTOS7 and your os is win xp why not use Movie Maker 2. So simply to use and a good starting point..

  GroupFC 22:33 30 Mar 2004

I agree with LAP. I have just started to sort out some of the digital tapes that have been kicking around for ages and MovieMaker 2 is good for getting to grips with the basics.

You will however need to think about in what format to save the finished movie as I think MovieMaker uses different formats depending on the choice made (of course not having got that far (yet!) I may be talking complete tosh!).

  TomJerry 00:33 31 Mar 2004

Better to get a proper video editing package, for example Ulead videostudio £39.99 click here

  pj123 10:45 31 Mar 2004

I use Dazzle Fusion. Accepts most inputs, DV, Analogue cameras, VCRs etc.. and also has Digital Camera Card Readers. Works off USB, no power needed and comes with all sorts of leads. Got mine from Amazon £47.99 click here

  stlucia 13:34 31 Mar 2004

As stated above, the format of your raw data will be .avi, and the files will be massive. A one-hour DV tape, for instance, will not fit on a single DVD (I can't remember how many Gigs it is, but I'm sure someone will tell us).

You're right about loss of quality when the files are compressed in any way but, as I'm sure you know, the normal compression for DVDs is MPEG2. This gets it so that a 1-hour DV tape will just fit on a DVD and, to my mind, the quality is fine when viewed on a TV or PC.

If you're concerned about retaining the original raw data, I would suggest that the original DV tapes are the best format for that.

  Smiler 14:21 31 Mar 2004

The file size for an hour video is about 13GB. So the files have to be compressed to fit on a dvd and this will take about 6hours depending on your processor.

  GroupFC 14:21 31 Mar 2004

"A one-hour DV tape, for instance, will not fit on a single DVD (I can't remember how many Gigs it is, but I'm sure someone will tell us" - about 16Gbs!!

  GroupFC 14:23 31 Mar 2004

I was close - either way you look at it huge! LOL

  stlucia 14:24 31 Mar 2004

Thanks guys. Hope that helps you, joeski60.

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