Downloading from a Camera

  Together 17:45 05 Feb 2006

Previously I have downloaded pictures from my HP C200 Camera using a serial port. My new computer has a card reader (but no serial port).
The camera instructions says "If your computer has a PCMCIA slot you can read photos from the CompactFlash card using a PCMCIA adaptor . ....then the HP Photosmart software reads the memory card as an additional disk."
The contents of my Compactflash card appear in drive E, but the PhotoSmart software does not seem able to find it and insists there is no connection to the camera.
Advice on how to pursuade this software to look at Drive E would be greatly appreciated.

  Fingees 17:53 05 Feb 2006

If you can see the contents of your flashcard, I would suggest you copy and paste to a file on your main drive, Your software should find them there.

It will at least get you started until you can sort out the problem

  ICF 17:54 05 Feb 2006

Can you not just drag and drop the picture from the compact flash card on to your computer then use the software to manipulate them.

  Biotech 17:55 05 Feb 2006

Have you not got an "open " command where you can select the folder/drive that you want to open.

  Biotech 17:56 05 Feb 2006

Or even "browse"

  Fingees 17:56 05 Feb 2006

Forgot to suggest, make sure your software is searching for a file, su as *.jpg, and not set up to look for camers.

  Biotech 18:04 05 Feb 2006

You may have to set the software up and tell it where to look for the pics, sorry but not familiar with Photosmart but there are usually some options or preferences in this type of stuff.

  Together 19:48 05 Feb 2006

Many thanks to you all for the quick responses.
I have put the contents of a CompactFlash card in the main drive, in two places, including the PhotoSmart folder. When starting the PhotoSmart software there is the option to 'Unload Camera' which offers options on where to put the images, but not where to get them from. - This is my problem, maybe somewhere in the 70 or so files in the software folder there is the answer.-
Another option, as well as 'Unload camera' is 'View Images' (this is U Lead Photo Explorer). I can find the pictures and could move them to join all my previous pictures, but the process is labourious compared with what should be achievble with 'Unload Camera'

  Biotech 20:21 05 Feb 2006

Has the camera the ability to connect to USB using something like this, then you could use the "unload camera" feature.
click here

  Biotech 20:54 05 Feb 2006

Or this
click here

  Together 21:26 05 Feb 2006

Thanks for your suggestions

I could use the USB to serial adaptor, but the software is looking for a serial port, and I don't feel confident it will find the USB port
if it can't find E Drive.
I had also hoped to get much quicker downloading of pictures with the card reader.

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