Downloading audio from YOUTUBE

  musopoet 14:45 11 Aug 2009

Is it possible to download just the music/audio from a YouTube Video? If so - how?

  BaboonBoy22 15:02 11 Aug 2009
  john bunyan 15:02 11 Aug 2009

I have a Sound card and Roxio Creator 2009. You can capture the sound to your HD via Roxio as it is played through the speakers in e.g. .mp3, edit etc. I think any similar programme, such as Audacity would do it. There are some programmes to do it, I believe, but I found them a bit difficult, others may have a different view!

  BaboonBoy22 15:12 11 Aug 2009

The link I put up.. just put in the URL and hit go.
Scroll down a bit and click on download mp3.
It will bring up another page, click download mp3 again... Done

  jellyhead 19:03 11 Aug 2009

You could always try this
click here

  Elderslie 19:36 11 Aug 2009

I certainly have no problems with Free Real Player. and, although I haven't yet tried it I imagine you can burn a dvd from it.

  Elderslie 14:47 12 Aug 2009

Sorry I think I misread your request, Musopoet. But anyway I have just tried and you can download a video with Real Player and then record just the audio from it onto CD. Whether this CD will play on an ordinary CD player I can't tell you at the moment as I don't have access to one.

  musopoet 15:07 12 Aug 2009

I have Nero - how would I download just the audio? What do I click on in YOuTUbe?

  cocteau48 15:44 12 Aug 2009

Loads of info here:click here=

Audacity is the favorite for many but there are literally stacks of freebie audio recorders out there ... just Google for them.

As for the method you just run the video on Youtube and click record on your recorder of will only pick up the audio track.

  britto 16:28 12 Aug 2009

download and convert with this

click here

  musopoet 23:42 12 Aug 2009

Thanks for the info and advice, guys. Sorted!

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