Downloading Anti Virus ..... like AVG

  RKMonty 14:17 03 Jun 2008

Simple question really I think....... I have a new laptop and want to download AVG anti virus and other protection freeware software.

To download the program I have to go on the www. when I do this for the first time I have no protection before I run the new software...

so......what stops my laptop being infected as soon as I go on the www. ??? before I have downlaoded the doftware.


  brundle 14:19 03 Jun 2008

Nothing. Either download on another PC and put the files on a pen drive or do all your downloading using a Limited (XP) or Standard, non admin account (Vista).

  crosstrainer 14:21 03 Jun 2008

Apart from the Windows firewall, nothing! But all antivirus programmes will scan your system during installation. You should perform a full system scan after installation is complete.

May I suggest you also download and install:

click here


click here

For extra protection.

  Taff™ 14:22 03 Jun 2008

Don`t disagree with brundle but the chances of you being infected in the time it takes to download must be extremely slim! Make it the first thing you do though!

  frenchman96 16:05 03 Jun 2008

I agree entirely with the boys who answered, little chance of infection.

I would also suggest(subject to being corrected) that you make a new folder on desktop (r/c-new-folder), name it Downloads, and when you download anything, save it there, not forgetting to then install it.

  Pineman100 16:46 03 Jun 2008

PC Advisor recommends Avast as the best freeware antivirus. click here

  grey george 17:20 03 Jun 2008

You are unlikely to get a virus if you go straight to the site, so I would download a Firewall first to prevent intrusions and then get the anti virus.

  hiwatt 17:54 03 Jun 2008

Did your computer come with any antivirus software like norton or something?If it did be sure to uninstall before installing avg.

  citadel 18:02 03 Jun 2008

many computer mags have av and spyware programes on the free disk, you just install then go on line and update.

  palinka 18:39 03 Jun 2008

and if it did come with antivirus installed, update that; then go online and download AVG, save it to desktop; then delete the original AV that was installed, then install the new AVG.

People say the chance of infection is slight, but it happened to me when doing same thing on a friend's PC - he'd never been on line in the 3 months since buying the PC, so never updated the ready-installed AV. Within 10 mins he was infected.

  RKMonty 19:12 03 Jun 2008

Hi .........Once again replies and advice from PC Advisor Forum members has been fantastic.....thanks for the info and hope this has helped others to.

Carry on the good work ..... where would be without your great advice !!!! Thanks

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