jon2 17:57 26 Feb 2003

when trying to download files I get error message "the connection with the server was reset, then download stops and the download diolog box closes, any idea's .

  powerless 17:58 26 Feb 2003

What are you downloading?

Try another download site if possible.

  jon2 18:01 26 Feb 2003

Iwas trying to download AVG 6

  _Treb_ 19:43 26 Feb 2003

What is your connection speed, did you time out on the download? Try getting Download Accelerator Plus then you can download from 4 sites consecutively.

  Wak 20:10 26 Feb 2003

I would also highly reccommend Download Express from MetaProducts.
I believe Download Accelerator can be classed as Spyware but I could be open to criticism on that point.

  The PC Doctor 20:20 26 Feb 2003

I would not recomend any sort of Download accelerator software at all.

My reasoning is this......

If you connect to the Internet with for example a 56k modem the maximum thoretical download speed achievable would be 5.6Kbs

If you download from 2 site then they would use 2.8Kbs each - 4 sites would use 1.4Kbs each.

If you are looking at 4 download speeds of say 5Kbs - the software is sharing out the connection time between each download. For example you download from 1 at 4Kbs for 2Secs then site 2 for 2Secs etc etc.

It may seem that your download speeds increase but honestly they don't.

The main reason for a connection reset is a bad connection between you and where you are downloading from. I would just wait 5Mins and try again.

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