graham12 09:30 18 Apr 2008

Recently I done a complete reintall of windows on my computer and everything went fine and everything reloaded.

my problem is that I have tried to download from the internet the BT yahoo protection which is part of the BT package we have, but for some unknown reason the download freezes after about 10 seconds and gives the message error at base 9.

I have looked on the web site and it says I need to upgrade to IE7 from IE6 I have tried this but only get as far as the download screen which says checking for updates which so far has installed 47 updates.

Is there something else that I should be doing before trying to download, or maybe something which isn't enabled on my computer.

I am using another computer rather than my own as at present there is no protection on my so was a bit worried about using it.

Can somebody help with this matter

thanks inadvance Graham

  rawprawn 09:42 18 Apr 2008

From what you have said, I am assuming XP. Have you tried to repair it using a system file check?
click here

  graham12 09:56 18 Apr 2008

Hi rawprawn
I shall start up my computer and get back to you after giving that a try and see what results I get

  Graham. 10:06 18 Apr 2008

If XP, it may be trying to download SP2. That is a big download, and would account for the freezing.

  skidzy 10:18 18 Apr 2008

Chances are as pointed out by Graham,if your os is SP1 you will have a big download (272MB)in SP2.This will require a reboot of the system and depending on your connection speed may take a while.

You could download from click here and save it,then burn to cd and load it that way.

Downloading IE7 will take some time with its updates also and again may need a reboot.

As said,if you have reinstalled SP1,you will have a mountain of updates to install and will take time.

  DJ Techz 10:25 18 Apr 2008

I dont know if they still do this, but could you get a Service Pack 2 CD from PC World or somewhere like that.

  graham12 10:29 18 Apr 2008

Hi all
I have checked computer and Sp2 is already loaded so that's something less for me to do,at present I am doing what rawprawn has said to do but its taking a while to do and will get back once that has finished and shall let you know results.

  graham12 12:02 18 Apr 2008

well done what rawprawn said which was do a internet explorer check and have done that and nothing happened so having a go at loading IE7 so will need to wait for that to finish loading and will post results when its hopefully loaded.

Thanks so far for all your help as its greatly appreciated


  graham12 11:02 21 Apr 2008

On friday my computer was connected via wireless using a Belkin router as there are 2 desktop computers in the house and as we had to move 1 from upstairs to downstairs so we had to go wireless.
We went to our local Comet to see what was needed and was told that we would need a router and a wireless G USB Adapter which we brought, anyway before installing I done a complete reload of windows which went ok.
Once windows was reloaded I then installed the wireless adapter which went ok my problem started when I tried loading BT Yahoo security software in that it would start to download but within 10 seconds or so it would refuse to load, my signal strenght was excellent and speed was 54mbps.
After this failed and my patience was wearing thin I thought I would try hard wiring computer again with wireless disabled and everything is working ok, my problem know is that I have a cable running up the stairs so could anybody please tell what could be causing all my problems.also could there be something else that I need

Thanks Graham

  graham12 12:18 21 Apr 2008

Well since I last posted I had a good look at the belkin box and read what I had brought only to find that Comet the store I brought the belkin router is only good for Web-surfing/email and not for downloading large files.

It looks I need an N Wireless Networker rather than a Wireless G router so its back to Comet once I can find the receipt, lets hope this was my problem.

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