Downloaded virus and now have more problems

  Ludilo 12:56 23 Jun 2017

Month ago I downloaded something and I got virus on pc(I think it was trojan cause I read somewhere "trojan")and it was super strong.After ending tasks in task manager and deleting files everything was ok,yesterday pc alone changed theme and some other things and I again ended tasks and deleted files from my pc,and today I saw that something called "shenzhen huaxuchang telecom 192." is connected on my wi fi and I cut it on netcut apk,but I see that it's still connected and I'm scared cause idk what is it.I googled it,but I still dont know what it is.PLEASE HELP!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:54 23 Jun 2017

What antivirus and anti malware are you using?

  MJS WARLORD 18:52 23 Jun 2017

anti malware bytes is good for finding things , do repeated scans until it finds nothing , infections are in segments and software does not always remove all segments on first pass..... personally i would reccommend you save items you dont want to loose onto usb or disc then reboot pc to factory settings ( a never used state ) as it is the ONLY way to 100% guarantee you have got rid of all nasties.

FOOTNOTE... if you get the free antimalware bytes program check the spelling of antimalware on all interface panels as i have seen screenshots of a fake version of this program and the spelling mistakes are hard to spot.

  lotvic 22:52 23 Jun 2017

The current version is Malwarebytes 3 click here for official download page.

"shenzhen huaxuchang telecom 192." is connected on my wi fi

could be something to do with the mac address for an Android phone or other device that connects to Router for Internet access.

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