Downloaded "setup_build206_157" Help

  geoff47 14:22 16 Aug 2009

While searching on Google for news of Obama's mother in laws hip replacement, I managed to download the following "setup_build206_157"
On clicking a Google link a window like "My Documents" opened and what appeared to be a scan,logging the many trojans and other bugs my PC has installed.It is at present on my desktop unopened.
If I delete it, do I need to do anything else ?

  crosstrainer 14:38 16 Aug 2009

It's a trojan, download, update and install / run these:

click here

click here

Should get rid (you may need to run these in safe mode) Post back if unsure.

  geoff47 14:44 16 Aug 2009

It says it is an application, is it dangerous even if I dont run it ?

  geoff47 14:44 16 Aug 2009

It says it is an application, is it dangerous even if I dont run it ?

  crosstrainer 14:49 16 Aug 2009

No, they are both safe...Just aknowldge uac and continue:))

I've been knocking around here for quite a few years now, and would never post a bad link!

But your caution is well advised :))

  geoff47 14:51 16 Aug 2009

Sorry you got the wrong end of the stick, I was not asking about your advised solution.
Just asking whether the "setup_build206_157" could merely be deleted as I have not installed it, deleted before I install it.

  crosstrainer 16:08 16 Aug 2009

No. In a nutshell the malware has been installed. Run the apps. I posted and report back.

  geoff47 17:42 16 Aug 2009

Have downloaded, updated and ran the suggested programs.
Found remains of my daughters music downloads with Trojan Downloaders attached.
It is all sorted out now.

Many thanks.

  crosstrainer 19:28 16 Aug 2009

Thanks for the feedback :))

  gkuch 19:24 17 Aug 2009

I was reading this list when i got home to find out we were hit w/ this. so i looked up the msg and thanks to you im d/l the software. What worries me is that Spybot S&D as well as AVG missed these even when i tried to scan after the infection. the malwarebytes has already found 12 hits and I prided myself on keeping my comp clean. I've also noticed that my firefox web-browser keeps opening a new screen every 30 seconds to a minute. Is this the same bug?

  crosstrainer 20:16 17 Aug 2009

All anti virus / antimalware will perform differently

It's important to distinguish between a virus, and a malware infection.

Malwarebytes and Asquared will remove many things...And a good Anti Virus package will remove things that they can't detect....

We all get caught from time to time (Crosses fingers and) with my hand on my heart...nothing for a decade.


Top antivirus (updated daily)

MB and ASQ Update daily

Superantispyware (also udated daily.

And full scans run every 2 day's with all of them.....Yep, I know it's a pain, it takes time...It's worth it.

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