downloaded avi file with audio sync problems

  Superstylin 20:23 22 Apr 2006

hi, i have an avi file i've download from a p2p network. unfortunately the audio isn't synced with the video, it's probably about 2 seconds behind. is there a free, reliable program that could fix the problem? i've tried avifixed without much luck.
thanks for any help

  ashdav 00:22 23 Apr 2006

The file has been badly ripped. It's junk. Delete it. There's nothing you can do.
One of the pitfalls of P2P sorry.

  Rich.B 01:29 23 Apr 2006

click here
try that

  David4637 14:06 23 Apr 2006

What software on the link you suggested would remove out of sync on video/audio. Thanks David

  johnnyrocker 14:11 23 Apr 2006

i think the suggestion might be to get the vlc player which i was going to suggest.


  Superstylin 11:35 25 Apr 2006

thanks for your replies.

i have downloaded mv2player, i assume this is the same as the vlc player, that allows me to watch the files with the sync fixed on my pc but ideally i want a program to actually fix the download sync so i can copy it to vcd and watch the video on my dvd player.

any ideas?

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