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  2020 15:11 25 Nov 2006

Hi i have downloaded morpheus to download some songs, next i get a windows security alert to say that i need to to download win anti viris pro 2006. i have downloaded this and then i get a message from spyware doctor blocking this download. what should i do?

  ACOLYTE 15:16 25 Nov 2006

I would do a spyware scan,and maybe a virus scan,and just because a popup tells you to download somthing doesnt always mean its a good thing to do.Win anti virus pro 2006 is a rouge program that pretends to be what its not so i would say spyware doctor has done you a favour by blocking it.But i would still scan for malware to see where the popup came from in the first place.

  VoG II 15:16 25 Nov 2006
  2020 15:35 25 Nov 2006

Acolyte and VoG
thanks for that, i thought the warning was from microsoft thats why i downloaded it right away. i'll be more careful next time

  rodriguez 15:59 25 Nov 2006

Ignore all pop ups from "anti virus" companies saying you need to download their software - you don't and they just want to fill your machine with spyware. The best thing to do next time you get a pop up saying you need to download anti virus software is to close it.

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