Download timeout on dialup

  celestialstar 11:26 12 Apr 2008

I am trying to update Zone Alarm Firewall - after 2 hours connection stops and I only have 2/3rds saved approx 30,000Kb. Is there a way of doing this is small sections?

I am at the hair pulling stage now



  Diemmess 12:25 12 Apr 2008

Have you a local friend who could download for you, and copy to a CD?

I notice that 13Mb in 2006 is now 40Mb from last year.
It seems that every progam just has to grow to keep up with everything (except dial-up)

  Belatucadrus 12:31 12 Apr 2008

click here
click here

Both can split most downloads into chunks and do them in several convenient bites. While the speed accelerator claims need to be taken with a hefty dose of salt, they're invaluable tools for dial up users wanting to download bigger files.

  celestialstar 16:23 12 Apr 2008

thanks for your answers

1. tried the copy route at local com centre but problems with permissions: tightened up because of people downloading music etc

2. thanks for the freebies will give them a try

  Diemmess 17:36 12 Apr 2008

If you can raise the steam it may well be better to go with Broadband now.
The few remaining contracts for dial-up are relatively expensive as you are finding for yourself. The way that so many sites are set up, you are almost excluded by a slow download rate.

The freedom for easy browsing would allow you to go online at any time and skip around to make use of the "World Wide Web."

The fashion to have more than one computer these days has promoted a huge growth in the use of routers , which are not so easy to set up as the older BB modems, and more expensive too.
If you have only one computer you can buy a cheaper BB modem which because it has a single USB connection gives a stability and speed near the maximum for your contract.

If you do decide this way of doing things, shop around and discuss (on this forum) for the best ISPs who deliver what they promise.

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