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  Billp64 21:08 27 May 2008

I have netgear DG834G modem router Virgin net £18.00 package and phone running 3 computers. I don't understand the speeds etc but on the test it said download 80 upload 373.I have complained about speed only to be told abut a capping for a week.
Not sure why as I am deaf so no music etc downloaded or games.
Can't get any good service since it became virgin media and never had this problem before. I had the internet several years and added the phone service not that long ago, now they say that I have to have a year which did not apply to the original Virgin account.
What speeds should the test say please? Any ideas what is high usage as I thought my account was unlimited.
Thanks for any suggestions.

  brundle 23:00 27 May 2008

You're probably on their 2mb package, which should translate to download speeds of 240Kbps and 60Kbps uploads (at best). Very odd figures returned with your speed test - which site did you use?

Regarding download caps;

* M tier users who download over 350MB will have their speed capped at 1Mbps during peak
* L tier users who download over 750MB will have their speed restricted to 2Mbps during peak
* XL users who download over 3GB in peak hours will have their speed restricted to 5Mbps

Your speed is restricted for 5 hours or so if I recall.
By the sound of it you're on the M package.
More info here; click here

There are a few steps you can take to ensure your system is set up for the best speed. I take it you're using ADSL broadband (connects to the phone socket), not DSL (cable).

  Billp64 00:10 28 May 2008

Thanks for reply I have ran test tonight at midnight site broadband max download 78 upload 373. I am on ADSL broadband. Would it be worth changing to another firm as soon as I am able to get better speeds, it is only recently that I have been getting problems with pages not opening properly with virgin and find now they are not as helpful as in the past.
Thanks again.

  RobCharles1981 00:45 28 May 2008


Get rid of virgin media ADSL right NOW!!!!, get on to the phone and have a right rant at them, get your Mac Code and give them their P45 right NOW they are a real waste of space just read reviews about them on click here

They are one of the worst ISP's in the UK for their service and performance.

Goto this site and fill in the blanks:

click here

What can you get in your exchange at the moment??

click here

Get your Line Stats at the above link and tell us what you can get??

If how ever Samknows says you cannot get any LLU, all depending on your line stats, you would be really better off joining an Entanet reseller such as falconnet - I strongly recommend that you join them read here for the packages:

click here

for £19.99 a month for 30/300 you really cannot go wrong.

been with them a few months - absolutely perfect I'm getting 6.5 - 6.7 speeds :-)

  Billp64 11:02 28 May 2008

Thanks for reply it appears because I added the phone I now have to wait until the year is up to change. Fortunatley it will be up in September so will change then.
Virgin now move the goalposts to suit themselves I Feel. A great pity as the original company were very good.

  RobCharles1981 11:22 28 May 2008

If I was you now, request to leave them, if you want a good satisfactory ISP join falconnet.

Stop your direct debit payments with them and tell them to stick it where the sun don't shine.

end of

  paul€ 12:03 28 May 2008

If Virgin are capping you through the FUP then the router must be downloading a lot at peak times. If you are not using that bandwidth, it could be that someone might be tapping into your router and downloading large files at your expense.

Check to see that security is enabled and if it is change it. Someone might have cracked it.

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