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  Old Geeza 20:20 03 Dec 2007

Hi guys, this might be a long one. Recently I upgraded to 8Mbit contract, and have been quite happy getting 5.7 - 5.9Mbit downloads until two weeks ago when suddenly only getting max 2.7Mbits. I contacted my ISP and did various checks throughout the day and sent the results to them. They arranged a BT engineer to come out and check my line and internal wiring, which was all ok. I am using a Linksys wireless DSL modem/router and the download status reads 8.145kilobits down and 448kilobits up but I cant get anywhere near that from my PC (if that makes sense) The guy at the tech helpdesk says it could be my operating system!! I have set up another pc using a new ethernet card and cable and still only gettin up to 2.7Mbits,,,,any ideas please

  postie24 20:39 03 Dec 2007

Have you got your wireless network secured?
If not,maybe someone else is using your wireless connection,thus slowing yours down.

  Old Geeza 20:42 03 Dec 2007

yes it is secure as far as I am aware, it is WPA and password protected

  Old Geeza 20:44 03 Dec 2007

I have also tried the connection using the modem that the service provider first supplied and still only getting the slower speed

  anskyber 20:45 03 Dec 2007

Have you had any system crashes or power cuts recently?

  Old Geeza 20:48 03 Dec 2007

no nothing like that at all, I was just checking download speed a couple of saturdays ago and was astounded that it was so slow, my ISP are still looking into it

  postie24 20:50 03 Dec 2007

Download Winaso,it has a few repair options to speed up your system

click here

  Old Geeza 20:52 03 Dec 2007

Thanks will check it out

  Dipso 21:22 03 Dec 2007

Who is your ISP?

Take this test click here and post back with the results.

  Old Geeza 21:33 03 Dec 2007

ISP is now Tiscalli, was Homecall then Pipex and now Tiscalli speed 2507Kilo bits

  Dipso 22:43 03 Dec 2007

Did you do the test I linked to? I'm trying to establish your lines profile, this will indicate if the problem is at your end or the ISP's but if your ISP is Tiscali I'm inclined to presume it's the latter :(

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