Download speed versus webpage appearing

  Sirpad 13:08 29 Apr 2009

I've noticed that at my school I get a faster response than at home. When I click on a link at school I get the home page of whatever site I choose quite fast but at home there seems to be a lag of a second or two.
The thing is that my download speed is faster so why am getting this lag.
My download speed is 2600 Kbps (upload is 293) whereas the download speed at my school is just under 2000 Kbps.
Any help appreciated.....

  Clapton is God 15:05 29 Apr 2009

When did you lat clear out your cookies and temporary internet files at home?

Also, the web page loading at home will probably have to fight for processor power with all the other programs on your PC.

The PCs at school probably haven't got so many programs.

  Sirpad 23:19 29 Apr 2009

I run CCleaner at least once a day so I usually have very few cookies and temporary internet files.

>> Also, the web page loading at home will
>> probably have to fight for processor power
>> with all the other programs on your PC.

What programs are you referring to?

  Clapton is God 10:57 30 Apr 2009

"What programs are you referring to?"

All the other software/programs on your PC, many of which you may never use and should, therefore, be removed.

  Sirpad 18:30 30 Apr 2009

Okay. But all the other programs aren't running all the time. They only run when executed.
Not sure what you're getting at.

  Clapton is God 12:34 01 May 2009

What I'm "getting at" is that all those programs still create registry entries and possibly processes which, unbeknown to you, run in the background at startup.

All of this serves to slow down the general running of the PC and, ultimately, web page loading as well.

You can use the msconfig startup tab to see what does run in the background.

But if you do have software/programs loaded which you don't need or use, it's better to get rid of them to create a more efficient running of the PC.

  DieSse 00:54 02 May 2009

"The thing is that my download speed is faster so why am getting this lag."

Because the time taken from clicking a link to the page appearing involves many more factors than how fast the download speed is.

How fast the server is reached (depends on your upload speed, and the routing of the request, and your ISPs response time to requests routed through it.

Whether the ISP is caching links and how efficiently it does so.

How fast you browser responds - which varies from browser to browser and version to version, and also how many add-ons there are.

How fast your system is compared to the schools system, including the efficiency of the graphics cards.

How much overhead is added by your anti-virus and other security checks.

How much overhead is being added by the extent of cached internet files on your systems, and how much overhead is added by other background programs running on your system.

If Skype, or other peer-to-peer software is running, how much bandwidth is being consumed.

Different links are also likely to respond at different speeds depending on where they are and how heavily loaded they are.

And so on and so on.

  lotvic 11:31 02 May 2009

"a lag of a second or two"

Hmmm - not exactly a major prob.
Check what you have running in Task Manager.

  lotvic 11:33 02 May 2009

Ah, got it, It's a different ISP and therefore going through different servers to get to your pc.

  Sirpad 13:23 03 May 2009

Clapton – Thanks, checked msconfig and indeed there are quite a few pgms starting up…which as you said create registry entries…..need to check each entry now to see if it’s necessary.

DieSse – Thanks, my guess is that what you said about ‘my ISPs response time to requests routed through it’ and ‘whether the ISP is caching links’ are most likely the cause of the lag.

Lotvic – Thanks also – Have checked Task Manager. Not sure what you mean by ‘It's a different ISP’?

  lotvic 14:17 03 May 2009

I=Internet S=Service P=Provider

such as, Virgin, BT, TalkTalk, Pipex, Plus Net, .... etc.
(the company that you pay each month for your Internet)

I presume you do not have the same provider and deal that the school has.

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