download speed plummeted

  Phrixos 18:34 16 Feb 2008


I can't say with certainty that a failed (Netgear) router install (Vista system) of about ten days ago is actually to blame--still, ever since then, my bandwidth has been in the toilet. All the speed I can get is typically between 4-10 Kbps--and half the time it is zero!

It's ridiculous. I uninstalled the router software and removed the router, and I reinstalled my ADSL modem software, but still, my speed is grounded, all the time. I know Toucan has a poor reputation for speed (I have finally resolved to switch, by the way) but it was never this bad, and certainly not all the time. Before the failed install, my speed frequently peaked at 110-115 kbps and more.

My guess, I must have settings somewhere, which are screwed up. Anyone got ideas on what could possible be wrong here?


  Graham. 19:16 16 Feb 2008

Can you System Restore back to before the router install?

  mrwoowoo 20:18 16 Feb 2008

I know that setting the mtu value to 1400 in your router settings can be quite important as the router normally defaults it at 1470.
Make sure your router is setup as on here.
click here

  mrwoowoo 20:19 16 Feb 2008

Are you refering to p2p download speeds or everyday bandwith?

  woodchip 20:52 16 Feb 2008

It can be your Service Providers equipment, I am on Talk Talk most of the time I get just over 6mb down speed but that as gone down on the odd occasion

  Phrixos 20:54 16 Feb 2008

Graham: As doing a Sys restore to back before the failed router install would involve undoing ten or so days of updates and many other changes, I'm very reluctant to do that. That, also, given that my experience with Sys restore is not good. More often than not, I have found that having gone through the process, the Sys restore usually fails (Then again, that was on my earlier, XP system. Perhaps it is different on Vista.)

Mrwoowoo: this is my first experience with routers, a subject, and an item, I have up till now studiously tried to avoid--for the very reason that I knew they would prove a pain. Thus, I have no experience with MTU values, what they are, and/or how they are altered.

(The router and its software are now no longer on my system.)

As for p2p and everyday download speeds: both are equally abysmal. It takes ages, for instance, just to load a webpage.

  Phrixos 20:58 16 Feb 2008

P.S. Right now, all I want to do is get my dialup modem up to some sort of speed again--until, that is, BT takes my line over again (in about two weeks--why does it take so long) and I can switch ISPs.

  woodchip 21:00 16 Feb 2008

Check the MTU settings in the Router Mine is set at 1470 I find this good for my Router and ISP But most TalkTalk will not work over 1432 MTU settings.

The Most you should have ADSL set to is 1492 over that you will have problems

  mrwoowoo 21:21 16 Feb 2008

Sorry missed the now using a usb modem part.
which usb modem are you using?
Have you tried turning off your vista firewall or other firewall software to see if it's restricting your access?
Normally routers don't need any software to install as far as i know so don't see that it could be a problem.
You could always look in control panel>programmes and features.If there is any reference to netgear then uninstall it.

  mrwoowoo 21:22 16 Feb 2008

Are you using a vista driver for your usb modem?

  Phrixos 12:34 17 Feb 2008

Yes--using the latest ADSL modem driver download, "41C" for my Thomson Speedtouch 330.

Interestingly enough, I installed DriverMax--which on the face of it seems a fantastic (free) utility that tells a user which drivers neeed updating--and what those latest drivers are. It told me that 18 (that's EIGHTEEN, mind you) of my drivers needed updating--and yet, when I went to update all of these, only in one instance did Windows agree that the latest driver was NOT already installed. (I'm waiting for an explanation about this, from the DriverMax people.) Why I mention this is, DriverMax tells me that the latest driver for my SpeedTouch 330 is "300.7.0.2"--but which I cannot find, anywhere, not even on the Thomson website.


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