download speed gone!!

  gruffass 08:28 28 Mar 2007

hi guys & gals
for the last week ive noticed my download speed has dropped alarmingly. i usually get around 700/800 kb/sec but im lucky now if i get 50!
im on aol platinum whick i think gives me speed up to 8 meg.
I havent messed with any settings or installed anything, this is the first problem ive had since i began using it 18 months ago.
if anyone can help it will be much appreciated


  johnnyrocker 08:36 28 Mar 2007

try a full reboot of all equipment as a starting point.


  gruffass 08:39 28 Mar 2007

When you say 'equipment' what do you mean?

  robbiepaul79 09:26 28 Mar 2007

Computer, router and so on i would think

  Stuartli 09:30 28 Mar 2007

What do you mean by a "full reboot"?

Temporarily trying a System Restore from a date known to be OK could be a starting point - you can always return to the original restore point if the problem still persists.

  gruffass 09:43 28 Mar 2007

A full reboot to me means shutdown & restart which ive done. I dont believe there is a problem with the router as my wife does not have a problem with her laptop.
I will try a System restore and let you know what happens

  gruffass 10:06 28 Mar 2007

Done a system restore and its still the same.
Viewing web pages & downloading is worse than the good old dial up!!
What else can I try?

  robbiepaul79 10:08 28 Mar 2007

Reboot the router.

  gruffass 10:12 28 Mar 2007

Do you mean uninstall then reinstall?
Sorry if I sound a bit dumb but I just like to know exactly and in plain English what I'm meant to do

  oldbeefer2 10:17 28 Mar 2007

Are your PC and your wife's laptop cable or wireless to the router? If one is one and t'other the other, may give a clue?

  gruffass 10:20 28 Mar 2007

My wifes laptop is wireless to the router.

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