Download Speed Clarification Please

  Border View 11:56 24 Feb 2007

My equipment:

Acer Laptop running Windows XP with SP2. Laptop has an Intel Wireless Card with the latest drivers installed. 3com Wireless Router. The telephone line has been checked by BT and connection is great.

I am on ADSL Max (up to 8mb) (I wish) My router synchronises at 448 up and this morning reads 2624 down although it is usually 2528 down.

Information from my ISP shows information as at 30th January

Line Rate Data 448/2272
Synchoronisation Data: MSR 2272 FTR 1590 (I don’t have a clue what this means but this is for information) MSR Reset Status “N”

My noise ratio is 12db and attenuation is 60

Bearing in mind the above can anyone please explain in simple terms why I am only achieving download speeds of 1120, if I am lucky it might go up on rare occasions to 1582. My upload speed is always 378

Gut feeling is that somewhere down the line (excuse the pun) I am being short changed.

  strech 12:01 24 Feb 2007

click here

try this

  Jackcoms 12:07 24 Feb 2007

"Bearing in mind the above can anyone please explain in simple terms why I am only achieving download speeds of 1120"

Your distance from the local BT exchange.

Local contention ratios.

Quality of the copper wiring both leading to and inside your house.

Try a speed test at different time of the day. Generally you'll find evening is slowest, afternoon is faster, early morning is fastest.

To a certain extent ADSL speeds are one of the mysteries of life, that's why ISPs always sell you a package which is "up to ....".

  Jackcoms 12:08 24 Feb 2007

See also click here

  Border View 12:25 24 Feb 2007

Agree about the distance from the exchange but my router syncs at 2528 and I would have thought I should be able to download nearer 2mb rather than 1mb.

  Jackcoms 12:30 24 Feb 2007

Is your line actually capable of 2Mb or more? click here Type in your phone number and click 'Check'.

On the next page click BT ADSL.

  Border View 12:33 24 Feb 2007

Did that Jackcoms

This was the result: According to BT Wholesale, your line should be able to support a 2Mbps or greater ADSL connection

  Jackcoms 12:35 24 Feb 2007

Unless anyone knows better, I can only repeat my earlier point - "ADSL speeds are one of the mysteries of life". :-(

  Border View 15:01 24 Feb 2007

Its the fact that router syncs at 2528 so where does the approximate 1mb to 1.5mb of download speed disappear to bearing in mind that my actual download speed is only between 1.1 and 1.5.

If my router was syncing at say 1.8 I could understand it. But there is a mighty hole in the speeds.

  Dipso 15:40 24 Feb 2007

Try this performance test click here. I'm not interested so much in the speed result you get more what it says your profile is. If your profile is much less than your connection speed, that is why you are not getting the speeds you should.

I notice your noise margin is 12. If this was lower you would be able to connect at a higher rate and therefore expect higher download speeds. If you can stay connected for 14 days, you should see your noise margin come down by 3db and your conection speed should then rise.

There is a free software tool available to do this without having to wait the 14 days but unfortunately your router is not supported.

  Border View 15:49 24 Feb 2007

Hello Dipso.

Tried that link. The first time I entered phone number got an error message.

Tried again and got the following message:

The IP address discovered on the network associated with your telephone number:01xxxxxxxxx, did not match the one we have logged from this browser/connection. Please check your telephone number and try again. If problem persists please contact your CP.

I am ex directory does that make any difference?

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