download speed

  tony c 21:35 15 Jan 2005

My connection is at 44kbps.
downloads are between 5000-6000 bytes.
if I use dap download accelerator that works at 3.5-4.0. What number do I take notice of? and is it any good. I am on pay as you go, 56k modem dial up connection.

  LeadingMNMs 21:42 15 Jan 2005

Bandwidth is usually measured in bytes and downloads in bits, where one byte is 8 bits. Hence 5000 bits is about 40kB. I'm assuming that you've just mixed up your bits and bytes.

  VoG II 21:43 15 Jan 2005

One is in b/s the other is in Mb/s. Divide b/s by 1024 to get Mb/s. So they more or less agree.

  VoG II 21:44 15 Jan 2005

Sorry LeadingMNMs is right kb/s. Still divide by 1024 to convert.

  LeadingMNMs 21:45 15 Jan 2005

I have a feeling I've got something the wrong way round myself, but your speed seems about right.

  woodchip 22:07 15 Jan 2005

Test your Modem hear, click here

It all depends on where you are what your Line quality is, and sometimes your Modem.

I am connected at the Moment at 50.6kbps

On the above link I get for small Icon speed 6320cps

or greater than 52.000bps

Large Icon I get 5770cps

or 46.000bps

  woodchip 22:15 15 Jan 2005

The above is just on one Computer, my XP desktop. and do not believe what you hear, but CPYU does make a difference to the speed at what it works.
The Above Connects at 50.6kbps a Celeron 2.6

a Win98 desktop at 48.000 with a AMD Athlon 2.2

a Laptop XP at anything between 36.000 and 52.000kbps Celeron 2.2 rubbish modem, all on same connection

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