"Download" / "Save" document links

  Ben Avery 16:54 30 Jun 2003


I'm designing a site and I want viewers to be able to download my PowerPoint presentations.

How do I set up the link to open the "Save" window rather that just opening the presentation in the main frame?

I'm using DreamWeaver 4



  Forum Editor 19:03 30 Jun 2003

for the presentations and put them in it.

Create individual hyperlinks to the files, and when a user clicks on one of them their browser should open the 'Save' dialogue. Powerpoint presentations can't be viewed unless the user's computer either has PowerPoint installed, or has the (free) PowerPoint viewer, so you might consider placing a link to the appropriate download page on the Microsoft site.

  Pesala 22:03 30 Jun 2003

How big are the Powerpoint files? How much smaller would they be if compressed? That will also ensure that the download dialogue opens up.

  Ben Avery 01:42 01 Jul 2003

Peter, I have actually got the PPView97 as one of the downloads I'm trying to link! When I test it in my own PC environment, clicking on the hyperlink I've created for the PPS files only opens the slideshows themself in the browser. I can change the link target to the following:

"_parent" (whole browser),

"Default" (whichever frame the hyperlink is in)

"Top Frame",

"Bottom Frame",

"Main Frame",

"Navigation Bar"

"_blank" (which opens the link in a new window)

or the two I haven't used called:


& "_self"

Other than changing the location of the slideshow, the show is still played in the brwser not given a download option.

Pesala, are you saying that if I WinZip the files they will then change to download boxes as that seems like a sensible option anyway (PowerPoint shows are around 4MB each)

Thanks for your help guys!


  harristweed 18:01 01 Jul 2003

A link to a zip file will open the download box.

  Forum Editor 19:58 01 Jul 2003

that zipping these files will not reduce the size by as much as you might think. A 4Mb download is a hefty proposition for a 56K modem user - do you anticipate many downloads in a given period? It might be worth checking your hosting terms to see what your monthly bandwidth allowance is.

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