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  Edward_ 12:45 26 Sep 2007

When someone click on any file to download, the size of the file is also become known to the downloader

When clicking on a link on some websites, I get "Unknown Size" message

What I want is the unusual thing. I would like to download files with "Unknown Size" message is shown. Is it possible ?

The reason is that I cannot download HUGE files unless their size is unknown (bcoz of my ISP)

Any help would be truly appreciated

  bluto1 19:37 26 Sep 2007

I'm not sure I fully understand this, but I'll try. I take it that your ISP limits your time on the 'net? I wonder if a programme called Download Accelerator Plus would be of use. I use it on Broadband and I get extremely fast downloads. Best thing to do is type the name above into Google and get a free download.

  Edward_ 20:27 27 Sep 2007

No.. what my ISP limiting is the download size. I cannot exceed 50 MB.

What I want is find a program that helps me in getting the file "without" getting the file's properties (name, size, ... etc)

  Clapton is God 20:48 27 Sep 2007

50MB is nothing.

What you really need is a proper ISP which doesn't have such ridiculous download limits.

  bluto1 21:11 27 Sep 2007

Sorry Ed, I got the wrong end of the stick, but I totally agree with Clapton is God, 50 MB is a ridiculously low limit. Have you tried a chat with your ISP. If you have done so and it's not worked then I suggest you change ISP soonest.

  iscanut 21:16 27 Sep 2007

Are you sure the limit is 50Mb. It's not the limit for email attachments is it. I am not aware of ISP limiting download size, only perhaps a cap on overall downloads such as 2Gbytes which is a huge amount more than your 50Mb !

  Edward_ 21:23 27 Sep 2007

Guys, i'm sure that it's 50 MB

and there is a reason for limiting since it's free service if i worked on things requested from me (so not totally free)

but what i noticed is that some websites doesn't give me the size of the file.. and those files r possible 2 download even if they r 1 GB in size

i hope the problem and reasons r clear now

  davidh50 21:41 27 Sep 2007

First, Who is your ISP

  Jak_1 00:37 28 Sep 2007

First things first. Who is your isp and what sort of package do you have? Are you on Broadband or dialup?
I agree with the others in saying that 50MB is rediculously low!
The site you are downloading the file from should say what the file size is and if using IE then it states what the file size is as you're downloading , the speed , percentage downloaded and roughly how long it will take.

  Edward_ 09:10 29 Sep 2007

Sorry guys, my friend Edward knows nothing about internet and connections and he made some mistakes back there. I'm his friend (know a little bit as well) and I’ll try to explain the problem in a better way:

1- His connection is SDSL (with DL speed of 2 Mbps).

2- He is behind a proxy so his ISP has nothing to do with it.

3- The proxy server is limiting the downloaded size to 50 MB per file. But the total downloads could go to infinity.

4- As Ed explained, when downloading from some websites, you get no download size, no estimated time to finish and no percentage. Examples for these websites is <click here>.

5- Such websites allow him to download any file with any size. What he wants is a way to download any file from other websites using the same method (I mean without transferring any data like the size, ... etc).

Hopefully things are clear now...

Best regards,

  Edward_ 08:59 02 Oct 2007

Guys, any ideas ? Any help ?

or it is impossible to do what I said earlier ?

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