download problems - new laptop

  lisa_gedo 00:16 24 Oct 2009

I purchased 2 identical laptops in july, both running vista basic (compaq presario).

One laptop is running fine but the other won't let me download some software.

a) windows live messenger - keeps telling me wlinstaller is not a valid win32.

b) java update - telling me cannot find the file even though jave is on the laptop.

c) virgin media pcguard - telling cannot download please check version ! paquet error (never heard of this)

that is just a couple i've tried, been spending all my time just trying to fix windows live.

All these things are on the 2nd laptop and update without a problem, any ideas what could be wrong.

I even tried all the regedit tips but each one came up could not be found !!!

this is last attempt before getting in touch with manufacturer and returning laptop, don't want to have to do that as it's a lot of messing around, but needs must.

  User-1229748 00:24 24 Oct 2009

i would try disabling pc guard if you know that what you try to download is safe.

  lisa_gedo 00:31 24 Oct 2009

i'm unable to download the pcguard, keep getting error messages, but it works fine on the 2nd laptop....i've tried disabling firewall and norton (which is on this laptop at the moment)

  User-1229748 00:51 24 Oct 2009

sorry i thought you were using pc guard.what internet security are you using as you could try disabling it to see if that works.

  lisa_gedo 01:51 24 Oct 2009

i was using a trial of norton, which was due to expire. I've had the laptop 2 months and my daughter didn't think to tell me she was having problems downloading. I even tried a complete re-install to see whether it was something she had done, but when that finishised a update the laptop as much as i could then tried the downloads again and got the same error messages so i know it's not something she has done, I have a feeling this laptop may have registry problems, which surprised me as the 2nd laptop is working fine!

  David4637 13:18 24 Oct 2009

If the laptops are identical, you could take a disc image of the "good one" using Acronis and save to an external drive/DVD, then install the image on to the "bad one." I use Acronis because its the best way to retrive a crashed or problem OS -ITS THE BEST. David

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:34 24 Oct 2009

Back up all the photos emails documents your daughter wants then do a factory reset on it to see if it solves the problem.

If not then its faulty from new and not fit for purpose so take it back.

If you send it back the first thing they will do is a factory reset anyway.

  lisa_gedo 01:38 25 Oct 2009

ty david but seeing as it is a new laptop i don;t want to start messing around with it,

to fruitbat, i've just completed another factory reset, but problem still there, i've emailed HP just have to wait and see what happens now

ty for your help, i'll let you know what happens.

  lisa_gedo 19:04 31 Jan 2010

sorry took so long replying to this, HP sent me the recovery disks, I re-installed them and laptop worked fine from there.

Have another problem with it now though, getting to the blue welcome screen and then nothing, seem to hang with a black screen,tried to start in safe mode and got the same black screen but with safe mode written on it !! considering these laptops are only just 5 months old is it worth me asking HP for a replacement !! thanx

  lisa_gedo 19:14 31 Jan 2010

Decided to try another re-install just to make sure it's not a virus that's caused it, if that doesn't work then it's going back !

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