Download New Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 advisable?

  dune3 11:46 20 Jun 2006

Hello, all you PC boffins out there, IE7 Beta2 has arrived, is it advisable to download same over existing upgraded IE6.1 on my PC? I'm running Windows XP Home Edition (SP2). Have already upgraded Windows Media Player 10 with the new Media Player 11. Please advise? anyone? 12:04 20 Jun 2006

use it successfully with no problems.

On the other hand, I spent the weekend re-installing my XP Home and all my software utilities because IE7 conflicted with something else and wrecked my system. It also would not allow me to un install it, hence the re-install.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:08 20 Jun 2006

Unless you are fairly au fait with computers I would not bother. IE& has nothing that you will need. You might as well wait until the stable version arrives.


  Belatucadrus 12:36 20 Jun 2006

Tried IE7, didn't like it and it had a few problems with it so I dumped it.
Media Player 11, haven't bothered, faffing about with media players seems a waste of time. I'll plug the security holes but that's it.

  sunny staines 15:19 20 Jun 2006

found it ok.

  dune3 11:04 27 Jun 2006

Hello there, computer boffins, a query, is it absolutely essential to constantly download updates for Windows XP (SP2) as they come along (from Microsoft, I mean there must be some limit, does the format (XP) improve the workings of the PC, I mean apart from anything else, it,s murder on the hard-drive space-wise.
What's important that I should update on a regular basis? Any comments, anyone?

  Taff™ 11:09 27 Jun 2006

You`re hijacking a resolved thread which won`t attract good answers because the title of this thread is not relevant to your question.

Start a new discussion using the "Essential to download...." as a title and you`ll get some responses. I`ll look out for it!

  anskyber 11:10 27 Jun 2006

If you like to live dangerously then do not bother. Most of the updates these days are about protecting your PC from attack rather than the usability or reliabilty of the system

  Input Overload 11:10 27 Jun 2006

Most of the updates fix security issues that need to be downloaded, although I have yet to meet a person who has had problems regarding a issue that MS has patched. I haven't noticed any increase on Windows size with updates, often files are overwritten rather than replaced & the updates are quite small relative to a Windows installation.

I update my PC's when updates are released by MS, I have only ever had one problem some years ago caused by an update & MS fixed that in days anyway.

  Taff™ 11:11 27 Jun 2006

IE Explorer 7 Beta was available on a Special Edition of "The Official XP Magazine" last month long with a detailed book showing how it had improved and how to make the most of it. I wouldn`t go back!

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