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  wrg 12:58 14 Jun 2007

I have been having a problem trying to download a file of the SIgames website. I posted this on their forum. Someone has suggested that I use a download manager. Would someone please be kind enough to tell me what this is and what are the benefits.


  realist 13:00 14 Jun 2007
  wrg 13:04 14 Jun 2007


Thanks for your quick response. Is that a free one.

  realist 14:20 14 Jun 2007

Yep, if you scroll doen it says Star Downloader Free.
I can recommend it.

  JayDay 15:27 14 Jun 2007

Another one here click here

Free as well

  baldtaco 16:42 14 Jun 2007

Leechget is a good. click here It came out very well in a review of download managers by Patrick Kolla, the guy who wrote your Spybot SD - read here click here

That said, as it is now a commercial product the free version does suffer limitation on how many things you can download in parallel. The solution to that is to use the last free version before it became a commercial product [version -1.0 RC3 build 450]. This is a direct link to a download of that - click here

  wrg 16:57 14 Jun 2007

Thanks baldtaco

  Boris {B<) 17:05 14 Jun 2007

I've been using OrbitDownloader (Free) for the past 3 months - small footprint

click here

  wrg 09:31 15 Jun 2007

Thanks guys. Tried Leechget last night and it downloaded the 86mb file in half an hour, whereas before it was taking nearly 1 hour just to download 15mb and then kept stopping. Not sure if this should be another post but if I am on broadband why would it take so long to download a file that size. on the download screen it states it should take only 20mins yet when it started my computer was telling me 4 hours.

Anyway great product and thanks to you all for your help.

  Andy1991 11:36 15 Jun 2007

I would recommend OrbitDownloader all the others do use a seperating method, but that never works, orbit downloader knows that most downloads when are started are the fastest, thus the program repeatedly reconnects to keep the spped up. I once trid to download a program that was 200 meg, and it said it would take nearly a day, i used orbit and it took 1/2 hour. Amazing.

  baldtaco 23:00 16 Jun 2007

wrg, hola

Glad that worked.

Without going to the specific place you were downloading from I can only guess, but the chances are it could be nothing to do with you. It could well be they don't have a particularly great server and /or it was taking a hammering from the amount of people downloading from it something. If you get consistently not so great speeds from a bunch of different servers then think again, but if it's just that one site it likely not you regardless of how good your pipe.

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