download limit

  Red Knight 16:38 29 Jan 2006

Forgive me if I'm being a complete idiot but do I need to worry about download limits when playing online games (ie world of worcraft etc)? Any suggestions for a decent service too? thinking 2mb, £20 per month, adsl, unlimitd time online, no phone calls included.

Ta! and sorry again!

  howard63 19:32 29 Jan 2006

not sure but I would expect them to count. I have bulldog alltime 1000 £19 per month and no download limit. This is 1mb.

  Stuartli 21:00 29 Jan 2006

Tiscali offers 2MB unlimited at £17.99.

  bluto1 22:02 29 Jan 2006

or even have a look at click here

  Ray5776 22:36 29 Jan 2006

using Wanadoo 8MB but it is only as fast as your phone connection 2.2 in my case but they will automatically uprade it when the line is suitable.
Costs £17.99 says it`s limited but I have never had it shut off or even a warning despite far exceeding the supposed limits. I think this is a marketing ploy. If they shutdown my connection I will change to Tiscali or another ISP so it is not in their interest to do so.


  Totally-braindead 23:07 29 Jan 2006

Have a look here for who is offering what click here

  Chegs ®™ 23:16 29 Jan 2006

Tiscali employ a "fair usage" policy,outside of 6pm till 11pm its unlimited but if you d/l lots(as my partners sister did through my shared connection)then they send you a warning email advising you that if you exceed the d/l's their fair usage policy dictates in future they will start capping your service.I just "switched-off" my partners sisters internet as she didn't seem to understand my annoyance at her hogging all the bandwidth for 24 hours. ;-))

  Kev.Ifty 23:30 29 Jan 2006

You are not an Idiot. Asking questions about Computer related stuff is what this site is all about. :-)

I asked a similar question after receiving a warning letter from Wanadoo.

I have a 2GB account and managed to use '30GB' in the month a couple of times. They told me not to exceed 15GB.

You may like to download a meter, to show you the amount of usage for your connection.

This is the one i have.. click here

Don't be afraid to ask a question!

We are all learning ;-)

Cheers Kev.

  heavymetalkid 00:55 30 Jan 2006

Kev, is that meter a freebie?

  octal 06:54 30 Jan 2006

"Kev, is that meter a freebie?"


  Red Knight 12:52 30 Jan 2006

cheers all! so i take it i do have to make sure I've got enough download available to play online at lengths (ie 1 hour of playing WoW=5mb of download or like that?) rather than actually downloading music/videos? think I'll go for bt 2mb, but would get Pipex's £14.99 deal although a little wary of their 500min included option for phonecalls. does anyone else have this deal (pipex 2mb)? does it "interfere" at all with your regular bt phone line?


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