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  It's Me 12:28 01 Oct 2004

Thsi hs just started, and wasn't there earlier this morning.

When I arrive at the site I get an invitation to download a file. Called blank.cgi - - Server - - Type Application/octet-stream

When I log in it appears again. I've tried closing down my browser a couple of times and logging in again and always the same happens.

I accepted the offer and downloaded to a 'save' only to find that there was 0 bytes in the file.

Anyone know what is going on, and how to get rid of it please.

  Graham ® 12:45 01 Oct 2004

Anything that arrives unexpectedly should be regarded as suspicious. I would do a virus scan and adware scans.

  It's Me 12:53 01 Oct 2004

I have scanned with AD-Aware and Spybot - nothing shows. Norton shows nothing.

I remember that between it not being there and being there, I downloaded and installed the update for ZoneAlarm, but why would that just affect this site.

I find that when the offer appears, and it does so on every change of page now, I have to let the page fully load before I press cancel, otherwise the page does not fully load up. (I also have to press 'Cancel'twice before it does.)

  VoG II 13:14 01 Oct 2004

Server is your PC!

  Graham ® 13:55 01 Oct 2004

I think you are going to have to uninstall Zone Alarm to prove the link. You can easily download and instal it again.

  It's Me 14:00 01 Oct 2004

Oh Right! There's a thing.

But what the blue Blistering Heck do I do about it please, as I am very nearly at the mallet stage.
Do I do what it says and install 'nothing' and it will go away, or will doing that cause a self destruct button effect.

I don't really trust these new fangled things, give me a Sturmy Archer gear to play with any day, at least that way I know the only thing to worry about are the flying springs that disappear off the face of the earth.

Sorry, meandering again.

  It's Me 15:04 01 Oct 2004

I uninstalled this new ZoneAlarm update. This got rid of the problem. To check, I reinstalled this new upgrade, but the close down demanded bt the programme was a very long winded affair, 10 minutes at least - worrying. However the problem was still there. So again uninstalled and then installed the older version, which appears to work perfectly. (In case you are wondering why I don't use System Restore, it is because all my programmes are on another drive and SR doesn't effect those, only 'C' drive.)

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