DOWNLOAD Blindness

  Novis 22:12 15 Aug 2005

Is there any way of knowing what is happening When downloading MS updates?

The icon in the Systems tray has been stuck on 38% for the last hour and I have no idea whether anything is happening or if I'm just wasting money with my dialup provider.

There is some action in the ISP Status window - bytes are being sent and received but I'd like to know what's going on with my downloads and how much longer they'll take.

Is there a programme that will disconnect after the download is complete so that I dont have to watch it?

Any suggestions?


  woodchip 22:38 15 Aug 2005

after that lenghth of time switch off then retry

  Happy Soul 22:43 15 Aug 2005

When I was on dial-up I used Fresh Download click here it's FREE.

If your download sticks just cancel/stop and re-try at a later time or day. Fresh Download will start downloading from where it left off.

  Novis 12:07 19 Aug 2005

This would be a great plan - except that I have to enter a URL to activate Fresh Download.

I have the same problem with downloading from AntiVir and other programmes that update. Thy donlt autimatically activate Fresh Download.

How do I find out the URL I need to connect with the programme I want to download.

  j3nks 12:46 19 Aug 2005

If you set automatic updates to notify you when updates are availabe but not download it will list the downloads available (do not use express install option) you can then veiw the update info on web site which will have a download link on it. Also with Dial Up alows you to select when you wish to download.
It is some time since I last manualy downloaded updates so my wording my be a little out

  Completealias 13:12 19 Aug 2005

I also believe that windows update will pick up from where the update left off eg if you disconect at 65% it will start from there again at least it did when our pc was on dialup.

  palinka 16:14 19 Aug 2005

Yes, unlike emails that start all over again, updates DO start where you left off. |gree with Woodchip - disconnect and start again; you'll get nothing more this time. (I've had a similar sticking problem with this Forum).

  woodchip 23:24 19 Aug 2005

Nothing works with MS downloads, Nothing I found anyway. It's got to be a strait download from MS

  Novis 11:43 20 Aug 2005

I seem to remeber that the old Free Download Accelerator worked - it also had the advantage of giving you a visual representation of the download to reassure tyou something was happening - as well as the standard percentage which made it user friendly until they updated it with a gross interface.

  ACOLYTE 11:49 20 Aug 2005

If there is a lot to download it will take a while,but the new update on the MS site lets you carry on from where you left off with the updates
so you dont have to start agin from the begginging,so turning of the pc or closing the page should not make any odds just open it up again and it should start from were you left off.

  Novis 11:22 24 Aug 2005

Yes, I've downloaded this from Microsoft. I was hopeful, however, that someone had come up with an intelligent solution to an irritating problem. Thanks to everyone for their help.

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