Download BBC to HD?

  Diemmess 14:54 07 Jan 2006

When in the doghouse for forgetting to, or mis-setting Gardener's Question Time, my only escape is to set up a web replay for best beloved.

I have 'Audacity', but since the signal is already inside the box, how do I pick it up with say Audacity?
There must be a software path, or is the Beeb cunning and somehow able to guard the signal against copying?

I can of course connect to an external tape recorder but there must be a simpler (high quality) way than that.

  pj123 15:05 07 Jan 2006

Well I use JetAudio to record BBC to my hard drive. Give it a try.

click here scroll down to the bottom and select jetaudio 6 Basic Download.

Once installed it needs to be set up for real files (which is what the BBC uses).

Open jetaudio, go to Preferences, File type association, and in the right hand window click on Check All, Update, OK.

  €dstowe 15:35 07 Jan 2006

I also use Jet Audio for downloading BBC Radio and I use Audacity for editing (topping and tailing).

Regarding the BBC not wanting you to record programmes, I asked them once about it and I got the reply that they are quite happy about listeners recording any of the BBC output FOR THEIR OWN USE. There is an important definition in that statement, that is "BBC output". It means BBC copyrighted programmes and doesn't include commercial recordings of any kind so, strictly speaking, recording the top ten or commercial classical recordings etc. for your Ipod is illegal.

  pj123 15:45 07 Jan 2006

I am sure that we all know that copying anything that is "Copyright" is illegal, whether it be "off air" or from any other source.

But having said that I am sure that almost all of us have taped a TV programme on to VHS/Beta to watch later or to keep for future use.

No one (as far as I know) has ever been prosecuted for this.

  €dstowe 15:52 07 Jan 2006

? I think we might be at cross purposes here. My letter from the BBC said it is quite happy for people to record its own output, that is the BBC's own programmes, for the listeners own use. It is commercial recordings where the BBC doesn't own the copyright when problems (theoretically) arise.

  Diemmess 16:03 07 Jan 2006

Thank you both, I'm sure the Beeb can protect their copyright from ordinary mortals like me.

Trouble is having installed Jet Audio and selected practically everything in sight, I only seem to record - silence!

Please tell me step by step when to run the BBC playback (before - or after - loading JA)?

Also which window do I use to start and end the recording to HD?

Real player took over automatically when I ran the replay alone before installing Jet Audio. Maybe I should disable RP now before trying again?
With both up and running the speakers give me the right sounds, yet real player does not appear, and that part of the window says "Not found" and errors out.

  ashdav 17:09 07 Jan 2006

In Audacity set the input to stereo mixer.
You will then be able to record anything which passes through your soundcard (onboard or PCI).

  Diemmess 17:25 07 Jan 2006

Advice to me has to be of the KISS variety and since Audacity did exactly what I wanted in familiar guise, you have made me a happy chappy.

JetAudio seems well worth exploring, but it has been one of those afternoons when several different things competed for my time.

Well done everyone.

  ade.h 17:32 07 Jan 2006

Same trouble:

I use Jet Audio to play the files, but had brain fade when trying to figure out if it could record the output. So tried Audacity, which was great once that was figured out.

Trouble is, I haven't used it for a while and couldn't get it work today due to more brain fade! So my thanks also must go to Ashdav for that timely post.

  pj123 17:39 07 Jan 2006

Yes, get anything to do with Real Player off your computer.

The other alternative to Real Player is Real Alternative (which I also have)

click here

  ade.h 18:20 07 Jan 2006

Would you be able to tell me whether Real Alternative behaves like a browser plug-in, or is it stand-alone like Jet Audio?

I like Jet Audio, but it's annoying that I can only listen to programmes that have the "listen using standalone player" link. Some program categories don't have this link and they apparently won't play without a plug-in.

I use Firefox 1.5 by the way.

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